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Nazareth Hall Menu Q

For anyone here who's used Nazareth Hall before for the reception, did you do a tasting before you finalized the menu?  FI and I are still debating the menu (wanting to have a vegetarian, chicken and then either pork or beef option) and we're thinking we'll do it seated so we will get a chance to eat as well.  What have your experiences been with the menus? Any advice? :-)
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Re: Nazareth Hall Menu Q

  • We did the tasting at NH about 6 months before our wedding. We only served a meat option chicken Parmesan with asparagus and roasted potatoes and a vegetarian option eggplant Parmesan and asparagus. we tried the mushroom ravioli at the rasting anf it was horrible. Guests had great things to say about the food we served. I'm a vegetarian so I was disappointed in the eggplant Parmesan because it was supposed to be eggplant, with a side of fettuccine and asparagus, but they forgot the fettuccine on all of the plates so it was just veggies on the plate, which is not very filling. I would have complained to a server, but they never came around to check on us. We also had two appetizers served during pictures, the bruschetta and bacon wrapped water chestnuts and scallops. Those were very good. We had a "midnight snack" served one hour before the reception ended. We had them serve a variety of pizzas and those flew off the table and people scarfed them down because everyone was hungry after eating anddancing. We still have people talking about what a great idea the pizzas were. One thing my H was very disappointed in NH was that there was no champagne on our table when we were announced at the reception and the moh and BM said their speeches, so we had nothing to toast with. Also, NH cut our cake in HUGE slices. Our cake had 200 servings for 150 guests and not everyone got a piece. We had cheesecakes that were supposed to have 20 to 25 servings, and NH was cutting them so huge that they were getting 8 to 10 servings out of each cake, which was ridiculous. They also cleared the cake plates super fast so some peices had a bite out of them, and they would clear them! Sorry for the wall of text, I'm on my phone and can't format.
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  • Ouch! That makes me a little sad and I had been wondering how they would know to cut the cake in the right portions, is that the kind of thing where you have to mention how many each layer is supposed to feed? We've been trying to figure out options to offer people, but with the vegetarian, chicken and beef they're all italian sort of themed....which seems like not much variety to me! Also were they supposed to have champagne at the table and just didn't have it there yet? And I just couldn't decide if it was the normal thing for people to want to taste test the menu they'd picked before serving it, or what the standard was for things like this. :-)
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    They offered to do our tasting I believe they actually called us to set it up. The tasting was for up to 4 people. So, yay, free lunch!! They let us taste the sides as well. They were also pretty open on letting you make any changes to the dishes if you wanted. I'm not sure what the deal with the huge cake cutting was, to be honest. They never asked how we wanted the cake cut, they just did it. By the time I saw the massive slices, it was too late. If you have the extra money, it might be worth getting some extra servings just in case. The champagne was supposed to be on our head/sweetheart table when we entered the reception so we could toast after the speeches, but our table didn't have any. We flagged down our coordinator right away and asked her for it, but she said she couldn't serve it to us because she wasn't 21. Which is fine and dandy since it is the law, but later on that night she was bringing us mixed drinks and beer. So that was annoying that she suddenly was old enough to serve us. She must have turned 21 during the reception haha.
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  • As long as she isn't opening or pouring it she can serve it.  She could have easily just had someone (like oh I don't know, a bartender) pour it and she could have brought it to you.  Or even easier, she could have just gone to someone else and had them bring it to you.

    Sorry that just irritated me.  I'm sorry they didn't have it for you.
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    In Response to Re:Nazareth Hall Menu Q:[QUOTE]As long as she isn't opening or pouring it she can serve it.nbsp; She could have easily just had someone like oh I don't know, a bartender pour it and she could have brought it to you.nbsp; Or even easier, she could have just gone to someone else and had them bring it to you.Sorry that just irritated me.nbsp; I'm sorry they didn't have it for you. Posted by Simply_Caitlin[/QUOTE]

    Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification. She was brand spanking new, so maybe she didn't understand the rules. I tried to not make a big deal out of it because I felt bad for the poor girl as a few people in our wedding party had screamed at her earlier for other things that were messed up.
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  • Wow, that would be frustrating, I'm sorry that happened :-S
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  • HTR10HTR10 member
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    rak123 I sent you a PM. 
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