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Does anyone one know where in the Toledo area to rent tuxes for a decent price?  I called Men's Warehouse and President Tuxedo and one wanted $160 something and the other wanted $170 something.  I am NOT having the guys pay that price to rent a tux.  TIA!!

Re: Tuxes

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    My friend just had a wedding and theirs were from MW for only $120.  I would go to some of the bridal shows going on now and see what kinds of deals you can find.

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  • cschuma2cschuma2
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    I'm not sure if this is going on anymore, but last summer when we rented tuxes from MW we saved on the groom's tux.  I think if you were renting 4 or more, the groom's tux was free.  You could break that savings up among the groomsmen to lower their price if you want.
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    Kelly...I can't attend any of the bridal shows as I live 400 miles from there :(  I would be happy with around $120, but they told me either $160 or $170.
    Cschuma...I could do that, but that's still more than I would like them to spend as if someone asked me to be in their wedding and asked me to pay that, I would be a tad bit mad.  That's only knocking $20 off each one. :(
  • catarntinacatarntina
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    I think it's actually 5 tuxes... and then the groom's rental is free, or the groom gets a free suit.

    At least we had to get 5 tuxes when we ordered them in March.

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  • MerinMerin
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    I think it totally depends on what tux you choose.  The big chains often run $79 or $99 tux rental specials, but it's only for selected entry-level tuxes.  If you want something that is designer, or higher-end, you're going to be in the $150+ range like you're talking about.

    If you're willing to choose one of the tuxes that's included in the special, you can DEFINITELY be at $120 or less.
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    Get on the websites and sign up to be on their newsletters.  They email out specials sometimes too.  Do they have these stores in your area?  If there any bridal shows in that area, they may be there too?  We are going to one at the end of September.  If you can wait that long, I'll look there for any specials on tuxes I see there!
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    Merin...I really don't care about the design, I just need a brown tux instead of black.

    Kelly...That is too late as our Wedding is October 2nd :(, but thank you for the offer!! :)
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