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Vintage wedding Ideas

I"m having a vintage wedding and Sorry to say other than organization the Knot hasn't been any help. So I've decided to add my little bit for those in our area who are interested.

First of all the vendor list make Toledo look like some little town you would just drive threw. As we all know thats not the case. I'm having a Victorian inspired wedding and decided to have it at Mansion View on Collingwood Ave. Its the nice little B&B (bed and breakfast) that you can also rent for events. And There also is no seamstress listed. I even checked the phone book here people! But Sow and Such on Sylvaina Ave. does wedding alterations at a decent price. And sadly again the cake companies in our town don't list here either! I don't know maybe they are lazy or something. But Wixy bakery and Cake Art are two fine ones. I'll post more as I find it. I'm a bride to as i said! Always looking for something interesting and new!

Re: Vintage wedding Ideas

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    Welcome to the board!

    I'm kind of confused about what your question is.  Our vendor sticky on the top is brand new (as in, made this week), so we're still working on getting people to add more to it.  Seamstresses are listed under "Alterartions" up there. 

    And, if you're looking for any kind of specific vendor, just ask!  The ladies here are happy to provide names of vendors, and even if they haven't had their weddings yet they can tell you who they're planning on using.

  • literarymuseliterarymuse
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    Abbey - I don't think that she has a question. I think she was just wanting to share her information about having a vintage wedding here in the Toledo area.

    Although I was definitely confused at first, too.
  • MerinMerin
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    The Mansion View is GORGEOUS!! Great choice!   And yeah, the knot's vendor lists are mediocre at best.   It sounds like you've found some great vendors already, but if you ever need suggestions, feel free to ask on the board, like Abbey mentioned. 

    This board is always an awesome resource!! :) :)
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    I agree with the previous posters. As far as the knot listing vendors, Im not 100% sure but I think they pay a hefty price for it. One of my vendors said something to me like "I was considering andvertising on the knot, but I wondered if it was worth it" I honestly did not even give a second look to the knot vendors list, I think the ladies on this board are much much more helpful!
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