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Buying wine -- Local Wineries?

The venue we are renting allows us to bring in our own alcohol.  I was trying to decide where to order the wine.  I have had suggestions to check into local wineries that might cut a deal, plus I like to support local business when possible.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Or on the other hand, did anyone else order their own wine and if so, where from?


Re: Buying wine -- Local Wineries?

  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    My parents buy their wine from an Amish winery in Berlin, OH.


    I particularly like the Roadhouse Red.  The Shiraz is pretty good, too.

    Not exactly local, as it's 3 hours away...But you can order online I think.

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    Try the Beer & Wine cave.  They have a HUGE selection and good prices.
    Or The Anderson's....they give you discounts when you purchase a case.
  • amjlamjl member
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    If you still live in Columbus as your profile says, why not go to Trader Joe's? You can get Charles Shaw Wine, lovingly nicknamed 2 Buck Chuck for around $3.50/bottle and get a 10% discount for buying any wine by the case there. They also have other reasonably priced wines and also wine tastings usually on the weekends. We buy a lot of Charles Shaw and think it's actually pretty good. We are thinking of buying a case for our rehearsal dinner.

    Another place to try is Vino 100, which features their hand selected wines for reasonable prices. I believe there is a Vino 100 up in Maumee and in Columbus. They also have tastings and are fairly knowledgeable.
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    Charles Shaw is 2.99/bottle at Trader Joe's in Ann Arbor if you're ever this way! 
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    I love charles shaw! Its our every day wine!
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    I am not sure why my profile says Columbus but I live in Maumee.  I guess I just haven't gotten around to changing it.
    But there are some good suggestions here that I will follow up on.  Thanks!
  • twugletttwuglett member
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    St. Julian is a Michigan winery with an outlet in Dundee, MI (right on US 23, next to Cabelas, about 15 minutes past the state line from Toledo).  I'm not sure what their discounts are like, but they do tastings. 
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