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Toledo Metroparks

I was wondering if anyone has rented at Pearson Park? I booked the Flag Pole area but it doesn't seem like it would accomidate a wedding ceremony. I know that you can set up in the field behind it but Im afraid that will be too far for some of the family members. Are they pretty flexible as to where you set up in that area?

Re: Toledo Metroparks

  • That is exactly where we were married.  I have pictures that you can see in the link in my signature if you would like.

    We chose to have the ceremony in that field behind it that you're talking about.   There is the path that runs next to it that will make the area a little more accessable.  We also wanted to be a little further from the road so that hopefully their would be less car noise.  Since they don't allow any amplified sound, we weren't allowed to have microphones.  We were trying to make it easier for everyone to hear us.  There were 2 trees that we set up an arch between that I just thought was pretty and picturesque.  It also seemed a little more natural back there which appealed to us- hence why we chose to be married in a park.

    That all being said, I understand that you may have guests that cannot walk well.  We had 2 guests that we knew might struggle a little bit.  We made sure that we warned them ahead of time and had another family member walk them to and from their seat.  A couple of our family members were in the park while they were setting up the chairs and picked up the sticks in the aisle and seating area so that it was less likely that someone would trip.

    I think that entire area is fair game with where you can set up.  We never had anyone describe any limitations to us.  We reserved both time slots for the day so that we could make sure that we did not have to share.  We had the chairs delivered and set up a few hours before the ceremony.  In that time, we never had a park ranger or any other park employee even come up to talk to us.

    When are you getting married?  Where's your reception?  I'm just curious.  :)  If there is anything else that I might be able to help you with, just ask!

    We also reserved the Macomber Lodge as our rain plan.  We didn't need to use it, but it didn't go to waste either.  It was nice to have it to get ready in and as our "home base" in the park for meeting up with family and vendors.  If you haven't booked that too, I would definitely look into it!
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  • our reception is at Bayside Boardwalk. I only reserved the second block of time for 3 to dark. I plan to have the ceremony at 4. The reception wont start until 6. Im not really planning to do a whole lot of decorating except maybe a couple of things so but we have someone designated to to go and pick up our chairs and set them up. My dad lives just about 2 miles away from the park so we will probably just use his place to get ready i guess. I am actually looking to set up the ceremony on the right side of the flag pole area where there are tons of trees. It looked really pretty and easy to walk to. Any advice you have I will take :)

  • Oh and the date is October 20, 2012...sorry you asked me that too and I forgot to mention that.
  • That is where our reception was too.  They did our cake and that was probably my only disappointment with that place.  The cake really looked very little like we discussed and the taste was just okay.  However, the food was AMAZING and our families were still talking about the food months afterwards.  We really liked the staff and were overall pretty happy.  I hope you have a great experience too!

    Are you going to have the ceremony at Bayside if the weather doesn't cooperate?

    We were also married in October.   We considered having our ceremony to the right where I think you are talking about but ended up deciding against it.  I *think* it was because we thought that there were funky shadows over there that time of day.  It also could have been because the area was lower and we were worried about mud and/or heels and chair legs sinking into soft ground.  We thoroughly explored what we could do in that general area and ruled out one spot because of the soft ground, I just can't remember where after all this time.

    Our ceremony was at 4:30, but it was earlier in the month (when the sun sets at a later time) so I assume the sun will be similar.  While I wouldn't consider our ceremony to be during sunset, the sun was definitely low in the sky and there were dramatic shaddows out there.  Just make sure that you scope out this area one of these evenings to make sure that you will still like the way things look.

    I don't know how much you have explored the park, but there are bathrooms right across the road from this spot.  That will be awesome for you and your guests.   In addition, there is that building right across the road which in unlocked and you can go inside.  There is a little sitting area with a huge window to view the wildlife.  Everyone that was in our bridal party and a part of the processional was able to hang out over there while guests were arriving.  It was much better than being couped up in a limo or something like that.  We were then able to still kind of stay hidden and make a grand entrance as everyone watched us walk up.

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  • Yes I talked to Terry at Bayside and he said we can have the ceremony there if the weather doesn't cooperate. When I went over there to check out the area the whole place was flooded im guessing because we are just coming out of winter but we didn't have too much snow! Thanks for the advice on the shadows and soft ground. I will go over there again and check it out!

    I did have another friend that held her reception at Bayside and they didn't have any complaints and I do remember reading your reviews as well! I will probably not be using their cake though...Thanks for the advice!
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