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Cheap Chair Rentals for Toledo Wedding

My fiance and I are planning an outdoor wedding in one of the metroparks and we've decided that we should provide chairs because much of our familiy is older. Any suggestions for cheap chair rentals??

Re: Cheap Chair Rentals for Toledo Wedding

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    I do not have suggestions but I am looking for the same thing so let me know if you find anything.  Most places I have looked online I think charge 3.00 per chair which is a little more than I wanted to pay.  I don't know if that is in your price range of not but I think that is what I found on Meredith Party Rentals because I guess that company is big on renting chairs for outdoor weddings. 
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    We rented chairs for our metropark wedding from mereditih party rentals.  I think it was 95 cents per chair with a $90 delivery/pick-up fee.  That fee also included the delivery and pickup of other things.  Depending on how many chairs you need, this is cheaper than $3.00/chair.  I just got basic black folding chairs though and white ones will be more expensive.  In my honest opinion though, the color of the chairs doesn't matter at all.  Everyone will be sitting in the them throughout the ceremony, and you will hardly notice the color when looking back through your photos.
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  • aholtsbaholtsb member
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    I don't know how many chairs you will need but if you are a member of a chuch a lot of churches will allow you to rent( or sometimes just borrow) their chairs.  So, if you are a member I would ask.

  • JessabooJessaboo member
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    Thanks for the ideas!! I think I'll check our Meredith Party Rentals because the design of the chairs doesn't really matter.
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