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Wedding Planners

Does anyone know of a good planner? I met with one yesterday and I was not impressed! Do you know of anyone that will come to help set up the reception and charge by the hour? Thanks

Re: Wedding Planners

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    Bee for the Day charges by the hour.  But I think it's a minimum 5 hour charge.  Here's their website:

    And... the clock starts from the first time you contact them.  They include all phone calls, email correspondences, etc in their hourly charge.  So, if you call to inquire about their services and then sign with them, they will charge you for that initial phone call.  Just be aware.

    I did not end up hiring them after I received their contract, it was out my price range.  But they were very nice on the phone.

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    Thanks they don't have what i need.
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    I know that Your Perfect Day is pretty cheap. I think she charges by the hour???
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    I used "Your Perfect Day" and they are amazing.   They do not charge for vendor recommendations, meetings, phone calls or emails when you book their "day of" package.  And they are VERY affordable!  The owner is April and her number is 419.283.8200.
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    Is there something in particular that you are looking for?
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    I just was looking for some one to help the day of with hall decorating, basically extra hands. I didn't really want someone trying to get me to use their vendors. I will keep looking and someone who charges by the hour.
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    Your Perfect Day has a per-hour package just for that.
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