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Lilchamor re: Olander

Don't worry!  We also got married in July @ Olander.  It was hot as all get out.  Our wedding cake pretty much melted, my MIL missed our dances because she was in the car with the air...but DH and I had so much fun. 

All the people who we loved and adored stuck out the heat with us.  Don't let anyone get you down!!  It's gonna be a complete blast and if not you'll have funny stories to tell.  They let me get dressed in the office and the office has AC.  :)

If they are predicting warm weather tell everyone you already know and not to mention it again.  Seriously, I got more then a few phone calls asking if we were still having the wedding because "It's gonna be so hot on Sunday."

hehe best advice...order a pizza on your way out of the reception.  We were both starving at the end of the night!

Re: Lilchamor re: Olander

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    Thanks for the encouragement...FI and I both love Olander so much, have so many memories from there and it has such a sentimental meaning for us that I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else at this point!

    I'm getting dressed at home before coming over (I live 5 minutes away), we're keeping our cake in the refrigerator until the very last minute, AND we're having lots of cold drinks on hand!
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    i am getting married at olander in july as well and just have a question did either of you have your wedding on the outside deck and if so about what time did your wedding start (i am trying to figure out when it should start so as to avoid the sun being in people's eyes)
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