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[QUOTE]Jay+Marissa - I will be getting married one day before you at the Old Red (Friday evening)....yeah ORC! Anyway...I am trying to figure out what to put on the fireplace mantels for decoration! Any ideas?
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Actually, I think you are the week after--we're June 12. Haha, our original date was June 19th, though!

I have some pics in my bio of ideas--I found cheap candlesticks at Hobby Lobby and we might do a willow centerpiece on another--I figure height is good.

Our DJ also showed me this website:


I think that is such a cool idea, and we might do something above one fireplace if the venue would allow it. Too bad we aren't on adjoining days--I bet we could have shared a few things!

PS--I saw you are doing sparklers in your bio--does the Old Red let you? I assumed they didn't, but if they do--sweet! I really wanted to do them!

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    Great! Thanks for the website!!! I am assuming about the sparklers...I think I remember something about if you do them away from the building - like down the back stairs on the sidewalk - they will allow them. I need to contact Linda but we have a meeting there on May 6th for the walk through so I will probably just ask her then. I really want to do them since we won't be leaving until 11:30pm, or so, you wouldn't be able to see bubbles, flowers, biodegradable confetti, ect.
    When I find out I will let you know!!!
    I know - it is too bad...we could have shared stuff if it would have worked - guess I skipped a week in my counting, lol!
    GL with planning...KIT!

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    I actually emailed Linda about the sparklers last night--this is what she said. Bummer. Also, she said the lettering I mentioned wouldn't work either :(

    The City of Dallas does not allow any type of fireworks within the city limits.  We have had couples try to use them, but the sheriffs from across the street did come over and ask the guests to put them out.  You may use any item that is biodegradable outside.  You can use real flower petals, bubbles, bird seed or bells.  There are some Funfetti products out there that are biodegradable and the earth will absorb.  We will take care of sweeping up after your exit.


    I checked out the web site for the lettering.  I don’t think it will work here.  When they reconstructed Old Red they used the same type of building materials that they used in the 1800’s.  Instead of the walls being made of sheetrock, they are a stucco or plaster substance.  Sheetrock had not yet been invented.  I noticed in the instructions that they stated that the letters would not stick to stucco.

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    I'm going to check with the City of Dallas also...sparklers are not considered "fireworks" under the city codes so the cops would have no right to tell us to put them out. But I'll check and let you know what I find out!!
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