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Hey Brides,

What is your best wedding cake in Toledo, Perrysburg area. Thanks

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    Estons has fantastic cakes...but we went with Thrush's for ours. 

    Thrush's prices were great, cakes were fantastic...and we now call it "Magic Cake"  lol!!!

    I had been on a diet for several weeks, and when we had our cake tasting, it was the first time I had had any refined sugar in over 6 weeks.  I pigged out on the cakes!  The next day I was down another pound.  ???  Then, my bridesmaid got bnack into town and came over for cake...so I ate more cake with her.  The next day = down 1/2 pound.  ???

    I figured this wouldn't last so I ate really good the next day, and went up again!!! Ate more cake...weight came down!  Seriously...I love Thrush's!!!  Magic cake.Laughing

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    Absolutely Kristy from the Bake Shop!  She's located in Fayette, OH, which is a trek, but she'll willing to travel.  Her cakes were delicious (escpecially the marble!), BEAUTIFUL, and cheap.  They start at $1.10/slice, which is unheard of.  If you google "the bake shop fayette" the number will come up.
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    We are going with Eston's wedding cake.  It is AMAZING!!  I am not sure how their prices compare to other bakeries since they are included in our wedding package with the Hilton Garden Inn.
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    My friend's mom is making my cake, she has an advertisement on craigslist for making cakes.


    There's actually other people on there that advertise making wedding cakes. They might give you a good price.
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    We are going with Cherry Lane Cakes in Rossford.  Cindy has been absolutely wonderful to work with as we are 400 miles from Toledo, but getting married in Toledo.  She is very quick to respond to any questions I ask.  She has lots of great ideas and she has an amazing portfolio on her website.  We have sampled the Vanilla Bean and Buttermilk Spice cakes and they are just TO DIE FOR!!  Check her out http://www.cherrylanecakes.com
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    Janes cakes and confections is in perrysburg and she has been great to work with. We took her a picture and she is doing everything we wanted and then some. THe cake was great at the cake tasting and she has been really easy to get ahold of. She is doing my invitations also and seems very organized and experienced.
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    I agree with  jenzibaba.  Cherry Lane cakes is great!    Her designs are amazing & the taste is fabulous!
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    CHERRY LANE CAKES!!!. I am getting married in Toledo but I live in Cincy. I have had to do most things via internet and she has been amazing. When we came to the cake testing she had full cakes, not just tiny samples. You really got a chance to see her work and what she could do. I felt like I was on an episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes. She is very professional and just great to work with. I can not wait to get my actual wedding cake because the sample was so great.
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    I thought eston's was a rip off, personally.  I wanted flowers made out of frosting... not plastic flowers.  And they refused to do it.  They were also charging over $3 a slice.  She quoted me $500 for a 150 slice cake.  They make a little cake to put on display and the cake that everyone eats is in the back room.  It just seems... silly.  Then people start thinking that there isn't enough cake for all of the guests.

    My brother and sister in law went to Thrush's for their wedding.  They boxed up the cake way early, and none of their guests got any cake.  My brother went home with boxes and boxes of cake -- he didn't realize that they put the cake away until he got home and saw all the boxes. When we opened the boxes up, the cake looked like someone had taken a cylinder and pushed down on it.  The outside of the cake had completely fallen off...

    I'm going to go with Brieschke's in Sylvania.  They quoted me $1.85 a slice and their cakes are delicious.  I've gotten several from there throughout the years (high school grad, college grad, etc...).

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