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RP: Bad Photographer Review

Me and my husband got married May 9, 2009 and hired a Sylvania photographer (Stillfootage Photography). When meeting with the photographers and looking at their work, I was really pleased. They were a little bit pricey but I really liked their photography and the package I got had a lot in it. When we talked about ordering the package she told me that I would be having a different photographer then the owner of the business. I asked to see the work and was pleased with what she did so I was ok with it.

Our engagement session should have clued me in that this photographer wasn't the right fit for us. It didn't go bad and our photographer was extremely nice but I wasn't too pleased with our pictures and I was the one that had to constantly contact her about when the pictures were done. Overall, it wasn't horrible and I didn't mind too much at the time.

Come my wedding day and our photographer was great. Very friendly and all that. I was very happy with everything on my wedding day.

The problems started after the wedding day. I thought it took a long time to get the proofs of my images but it wasn't outrageously long. I believe I got the CD of pictures and image proofs around July. I had ordered with my wedding package three parent albums and a storybook album. I had to send in the picture numbers I wanted for the albums which I sent in around the middle of August.

I wasn't really told a time the albums would be done so called around October. At this time I was told it would take approximately 12 weeks from when I sent the picture numbers in. So around November and December I called a few times. Each time I was told that she would check the status of my albums and then call me or email me back. She never did. I've also tried calling multiple times throughout the beginning of this year. She usually doesn't answer and has not once called me back. We got a hold of her finally a couple weeks ago and she told us that she left a message on my phone (there was none from her on my phone) and that it would be done in a week and she would call. A week has come and gone and she still has not called back. I cannot get a hold of her by phone.

I've meant to go up to her office and confront her in person but I always have Natalie with me. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and will hopefully get good news from them. I'm so frustrated with everything going on with them and really just want my money back for the albums. Our photographer Susan was great but I'm really unhappy with the business.

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Re: RP: Bad Photographer Review

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    Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that.  Thank you for sharing your experience though.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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    Ugh...that's a little scary to hear since I have chosed the same photographer.

    I know she has a facebook page and she also has something to do with that Dream Designs Consignment shop in Sylvania. Maybe those are ways to get a hold of her also.
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    That's really weird....I used Stillfootage Photography for my senior pictures in high school and everything went well, so I picked them again to do our wedding photos.

    I have never heard of anyone named Susan with the company...I thought it was just the photographer Paige and one videographer...maybe they have multiple offices? Did you go to the one on Main Street in Sylvania? Paige has done all of our photos and she's always been prompt and professional about everything....I believe she's the owner of the company although I'm not really sure how the buisness is run. Everytime FI and I stopped by, it was just Paige in her office.
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