Gifts for readers/other helpers?

HELP!!  I do not know if it is necessary to buy gifts for those doing readings and or helping out with other things in the wedding (guestbook attendant/passing out programs).  I thought of a cute idea of giving the girls doing readings in our wedding personalized bookmarks but I do not know if this is something traditionally done and if I need to also buy something for guestbook attendant and those passing out programs at the wedding.

Re: Gifts for readers/other helpers?

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    I'm not sure if it's common or not, but if you want to do something for them I'm sure they'd appreciate it.  When I played my Sax for one of my friend's wedding she gave me a book.  My fiance did a reading for his cousin and didn't get anything.  So I think it's a matter of the bride.  In my opinion, I like it's a nice gesture.
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    I agree that it is not something you have to do, but it will be appreciated.  I was a usher for a wedding this past summer and I was not given a gift but the bride wrote me a very nice thank you note and that was enough for me.
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