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Aug 6 '11 Vendor Reviews Part II (way overdue... but with pics.. and a video link)

Hi ladies,
Our wedding was back in August, and I posted some reviews back in Sept/Oct for a majority of our vendors, but since then a few more things have come in so I wanted to finish them up for you.

Photographer: Sarah J Photography
Sarah did an AWESOME job. We would reco them to anybody! She has her assistant stared shooting about 2 hours before the ceremony and stayed until the very end of the reception (about 12 hours total I think?) and she was very reasonably priced within our budget (a little over $2K if I remember correctly).
We are SO happy with our pictures. We have gotten so many compliments from family and friends on them. The color is great, she got all the important "moments" of the day - we couldn't be happier.
We got the pictures in November... ~3 months after the wedding which was about what we expected. My father passed away very unexpectedly in September, about a month after our wedding, and in about a day, Sarah had quickly turned around about a dozen pictures for us of some moments with my father from our wedding day so we could have them for he funeral etc. It was very much appreciated.
We would definitely reco Sarah J to anybody!!

Videographer: Inspired Image Videography
We are very very pleased with our videos from Ken. They did take a lot longer than we had expected (almost 7 months), but in the end we are very very happy with them. Ken did an awesome job of getting every moment of the day. The video quality is excellent! He was also within our budget and had a lot to offer in the package we selected (I think it was under $1,500...). He also threw in a BluRay copy of our DVDs and highlight video for the amount of time it took to get our DVDs back and we are very greatful.
We could recommend Inspired Image to anybody - just be aware that it may take a little while to get your DVDs back.
Recently, Ken posted our highlight vids on vimeo in 2 parts - here is the link for anybody whos interested: http://vimeo.com/39371810

Flower Preservation: FreezeFrameIt & Bloombeads
As a gift, my mom wanted to get some of my bouquet preserved. I didn't want anything too big or fancy because who knows how preserved it will still be in 25 years (?). I decided on a small ornament and a pair of earrings.
My bouquet was blue hydrangeas and white roses...

(flowers from Hafner, picture from Sarah J)
The ornament is from FreezeFrameIt (www.freezeframeit.com). It is beautiful, and it looks exactly as it did the day I walked down the aisle with it. The colors, especially the blue in the hydrangeas still look great! The ornament is a standard x-mas ornament size (?) and is hung on a little hanger I bought separately to display it on:

The earrings are from blombeads (pretty much the same company as FreezeFrame .... www.bloombeads.com). There are TONS of styles of jewelry to choose from, but I wanted something pretty simple, so I went with this:
(sorry for the nasty nails in the pics...)

When I ordred these from the company (same company for both items), the lady on the phone was SUPER helpful. I told her I wanted a lot of blue and green in the earrings and thats exactly what I got. I have gotten so many compliments on them and when I explain that they are part of my wedding bouquet people are shocked!

In total, I think the earrings and ornament together were proably no more than $200-250. The process of sending in your bouquet is SUPER easy - they send a whole kit to you before the wedding, and you ship it out a day or two after the wedding (we did 2 days later). If you want more information on that process just let me know!
You can have the items shipped to you afterwards, but I opted to pick them up because there was a shop no too far from where we live - they have so many cool things that you can get your preserved flowers turns in to. They still have some pieces of my bouquet preserved so I'm debating on getting a bracelet or necklace made soon.
I would DEFINITELY reco Bloombeads and FreezeFrame for bouquet preservation - for yourself OR as a gift to someone else!

I also have review of a calligrapher from etsy. I believe her name was "njw calligraphy" ? She was awesome - I can give more details if anybody wants them.

Also we got a bow-tie and cuffs custom made for our dachshund to take pictures with (SO CUTE!) ... I ordered them off of etsy. If someone is interested in that as well, let me know!
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Re: Aug 6 '11 Vendor Reviews Part II (way overdue... but with pics.. and a video link)

  • Thank you for posting the info on flower preservation. I had no idea they could do that! I'll definitely be looking in to it :)
    Yup, I'm one of those crazy, meticulous, everything-has-to-be-perfect brides.
  • HTR10HTR10 member
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments Name Dropper
    Very cool about preserving the bouquet. I've never heard of anything like that with earrings! Definitely making note :) 
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