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i am going to purchase p90x. just wanted to know a little about the nutrtion program ( i do not eat beef or pork) is it reasonable, hard or easy to follow? Also do you all know of a pull up bar that does not recqire you to put wholes in the wall (is this possible)? LAst question what size weights did or are you using while going through the program?


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    DH does P90X every morning; I will be starting soon (I'm doing 30DS now).  I have read the nutrition program, and it is very sound, solid nutritional advice.  The recipes look good, but I have not tried any of them yet.  Lots of variety, so I think it would be reasonable to adapt to your no beef/pork preference.

    We bought a pull-up bar at WalMart that just hooks over the door frame - no holes required, and it just unhooks if you want to take it down.  I believe it was less than $30.

    I use 8, 10, and 12 lb weights.  DH uses 10 lb up to 42 lb.  You would probably be fine with an assortment of 5 through 12 or 15 lbs.  You can also use bands instead of hand weights for many of the moves - they demonstrate the use of both.

    PS - look for the videos on Craigslist.  No need to pay full price.  Good luck - it's a great workout
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    What is this P90x I keep seeing?? Is it a work out program?
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:238Discussion:008d5ef1-f07c-4bba-aef4-240949013b39Post:f3850c40-a376-4ca4-b65d-d788add2417d">Re: P90x?s</a>:
    [QUOTE]What is this P90x I keep seeing?? Is it a work out program?
    Posted by bluebunneh[/QUOTE]

    Yes.  It's a series of video workouts you do at home.  Great, kick-butt workout, very intense.  Not for beginners.  The website is, but don't buy the videos there - look on Craigslist for people who tried it twice and gave up.  DH got his videos for $40.
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    thank you LesPaul (cute dog). I am purchasing the DVD's off ebay. I will be going to walmart to get the pull up bar. I am so excited to start.
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