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Hi! New to boards...been reading for a while.

Hello ladies.  A quick introduction...I will be 40 next month and am trying to lose another 20 lbs.  I just lost around 18-20...depending on the  I am not engaged...yet.  We actually just went ring shopping and have talked about what we want for a wedding.
I decided around Memorial Day that I wanted to get healthier (with the added bonus of losing weight) before I turn 40.  I have gained and lost 30 lbs about 4 years ago....and then gained it back.  I used WW then.  I really liked it, but I need something that I could do permanently.  Here are some of my tips:
1. I use the Lose it! app on my iPhone to semi-keep track of my calories in and out.
2. I gave up diet coke and crystal light.  I drink natural items now...water, skim milk, etc.
3. I increased my exercise with the help of my boyfriend (who is super supportivve) and our 2 dogs.
4. I have started cooking more and eating out less.  I love sites like the food network, eating well and rachel ray.
5. Other than giving up diet coke & crystal light, I haven't given up anything.  I love pizza and bagels.  Now when I have a bagel though, I hollow it out.

I just wanted to share some of ideas.  I hope it helps.  I enjoy reading everyone's posts.  Good luck!!!

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Re: Hi! New to boards...been reading for a while.

  • Welcome!  Your tips are smart ones!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Welcome! I will be 40 in January.  After reading your post, I feel motivated to try to be in my best shape ever as I turn 40.  Thanks for the post and the ideas.
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    Welcome!  It's always nice to hear about other people's ideas and tips.

    I agree.  You can still eat pizza and bagels.  Just in moderations.  Yeah I usually get it for lunch.. this way I feel like I can burn it off throughout the day with walking and everyday activties.

    I think the first step with any weight loss is diet and of course exercise.

    A lot of people think they can lose weight with diet alone.. which can be true.. but exercise is so healthy for your body and your lungs and your ligements.. Your body is really powerful when you use it and use all your muscles.  Walking and running really does it for you.  Or speed walking.  And streching.

    Household chores and carrying groceries seem like a piece of cake because your in shape.  I used to hate carrying in groceries.  I found it to be difficult and a chore.  Now it's not a problem at all. 

    Vacuuming and cleaning up after my 3 year old around the house is now easier and not AS exhausting.

    I try to fit in exercise at least 20 minutes a day 3-5 days a week..

    I tend to go above and beyond and usually go up towards an hour of walking.. sometimes an hour and a half depending on how slow I am that day lol.

    But the bare minimum of 20 minutes is all you need.

    You body really loves you for it.

    ALSO, I love and have made many many recipes from their such as turkey lettuce wraps, salmon with roasted red peppers, cod with white beans and tomato wine sauce.. and more and more.. so many good ideas..

    They have "Healthy tacos" on there.. that is what they are called if you type that in.

    The site lets you eat comfort foods, but has you prepare them in healthy ways.

    It makes me think that all the junk that some families cook and the crappy stuff they serve to their families.. it's just bad.

    I will always cook healthy

    I can have the occassional "fatty" treat like a burger, hotdog, or pizza out etc etc but in my house it's healthy all the way
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  • Great suggestions from all PPs.

    I took it a step further, and also have made these efforts:

    1) I go to the gym on my way to work (5 days a week).  It was hard at first to get up early and go to bed earlier, but now that I am used to it, I have noticed it makes me feel more awake during the day.

    2) No caffeine.  I tried a cup of iced coffee the other day after 2 months without caffeine and I was so wired I could barely think.  I will be passing on caffeine going forward.  I've been drinking lots of water instead.

    3) I've cut back on my bread and carbs and try to eat whole grains as much as possible.  I still indulge my baking somewhat (it's summer, I have to make cobbler with fresh fruit!!) but using WW flour as much as possible and trying to stick to lower-fat recipes.  I also try to use things like WW pita rather than sandwich bread for sandwiches.  I hate WW pasta so I use the regular kind, but try to keep my portions smaller.

    4) I've cut back drastically on cheese.  I only buy parmesan, goat cheese, and occasionally swiss cheese now.  Gone are the days of mac n cheese and potatoes au gratin.  Goat cheese is actually pretty low in calories and fat for the taste it packs, and it's great on pizza, salads, and in sandwiches and omelettes.  Parmesan is a staple I can't live without, and swiss is good for things like french onion soup and crustless quiche.

    5) I've tried to up my vegetable and fruit intake. I take fruit with me to snack on at work- usually berries or a peach- sometimes I get a little hungry mid morning after my AM workout.  I try to bring a salad as part of my lunch and eat a salad or large helping of veggies at dinner.

    6) When I go out to eat with FI, we often order one appetizer and split an entree so we don't get too much food.  When I go out to eat with other people, I usually ask for a to-go box when I order so I can put half of everything in the box before I even start eating off my plate.

    Hope others find these things helpful as well!
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  • just wanted to say and that this is a great board for support!
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