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Shoes :)

I went to buy Nike shox at champs and the lady working the register said she hated them. She said they were uncomfortable and not good for running.

Any recommendations for exercise/running shoes?

Re: Shoes :)

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    Yep.  Get fitted for shoes at a store that has specialists.  They can look at your feet, examine your stride, and pick the best shoe for you.  Shoes are really not "one size fits all".  What is great for me may be horrible for your feet.  I ended up with Asics that were actually way cheaper than the ones I "thought" I needed before getting fit.
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    I am going to ditto Anna on this one. After reading enough posts on this board I went and got fitted for running shoes. I have had much better success and way less pain since.

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    I have shox and i love them. i feel like they take a lot of pressure off my legs and even my back.  I wear them to the gym, used to bartend endless hours on them and my feet never hurt. the only time they suck is when i lay on the floor and am doing something with my legs up in the air - they make my feet heavier lol 
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