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No more lunch meat!

So my FI is a BIG sandwhich fan. He has a sandwhich every single day for lunch with chips and fruit. But I was reading that lunch meat is really high in salt and is not a good idea to eat if you have high blood pressure issues, which he does.

What can I make instead of a sandwhich filled with processed meat? Any suggestions would help.

Oh and he doesn't like salads or seafood.

Re: No more lunch meat!

  • There's no reason you have to fully give up sandwiches....there are low-sodium deli meats. You may just have to go with non-prepackaged meats (go up to the actual deli counter and have them slice off what you want from a low-sodium chunk of meat!).

    If anything I would make him find a healthy alternative for the chips...maybe some non-salted nuts?
  • yeah, I would be more concerned with those chips than the lunch meat. 
    Can't you swap that out for a salad, mixed veggies, hummus+carrots, something?!

    Other than that, like PP said, just be AWARE of what sodium the meat your choosing has. Ham is going to be the worst offender, chickend chunks will often be the best. Or you could cook a giant bird over the weekend to cut up into pieces yourself, and make him sandwiches/wraps with that. 
  • Agree with PPs.

    Cook the meat yourself, and you'll know there are no preservatives in it, or look for low sodium options. Also look for canned chicken/turkey chunks, not flakes. Tuna would also be an option if he can bring that to work (we can't. working in schools means no fish, nuts and sometimes no kiwi or bananas!)

    Maybe get him to consider taking leftovers once or twice a week,  just to take a break from sandwiches???
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  • Hi there,

    So I actually lead a group at the hospital I work at for people with hypertension, and this comes up all the time.  One of the best suggestions, which has been mentioned here, is cooking yourself.  However, if you're like me and that's not always in my schedule, here's my favorite trick.  I buy a small rotisserie chicken from the store and pull the meat off when I get home (only takes a few minutes).  Keep it in the fridge in a ziplock bag and it'll stay fresh for a while.  Then the sandwiches are super easy to make and they don't have the sodium in them.  Plus they're generally delicious.  Even the meats you think are high sodium (like ham) are actually usually very low if you're willing to cook them yourself, just as an fyi

    Also the non-meat options for sandwiches (pb&j, hummus, etc.) are good to add in a day a week or so.

    Hope this helps, and good for you for keeping an eye on sodium intake (i wish my patients were that consciencious!)
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