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Has anyone done Pure Barre?

I am thinking of getting the unlimited month pass to Pure Barre to change things up a little but it's pretty pricey. I'd love to hear if anyone has tried it or goes all the time and what they really think. Any results?


Re: Has anyone done Pure Barre?

  • I haven't done it because it's not offered in my area.  BUT  if it was offered, i think I'd do it.  It's joint-friendly (no jumping and bouncing), seems to be something that would really help tone, and just looks like fun.

    Around $20 a class is a bit pricy though.  They do have a new client unlimited special where it's only $100 for the first month.  That doesn't sound nearly as bad as the full price so i think it would be worth it just to check it out. 
  • Same with Anna. We don't have it in the area, but I definitely would give it a go if it was. I have heard great things about it, and I think it's REALLY important to mix things up a lot! Our muscles have memory so they need to be constantly challenged. :) The intro rate doesn't sound horrible. Even if you just do it that one month and never again, it'll be a great change up to your normal routine. 
  • I've done one 30 minute class - It's intense but definitely worth it for a toned body and sculpted arms without bulky muscles. I would do it again. If you can afford it and you're up to the challenge, go for it! Let me know what you think :)
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  • I haven't done it but our photographer (we talk a lot) has done it and she seems to love it and doesn't have anything negative to say about it that we have noticed. I've definitely considered it.
  • I actually bought the video's and I do them at home, I know it isn't the same as doing it at the location (but they don't have one by me either).  I really enjoy the workout there is a starting, beginner, intermediate, and advanced DVD I really like doing it and it is fun to mix up the tapes once you can handle them all.  The DVD i bought is called "cardio barre"
  • I used to do Pure Barre 4 days a week, but I havent been since last August. Let me start by saying that even if you are in shape, PB is still very hard! But it is worth it if you can make it past those first few classes. I found that it really reshaped my lower body, but not much in my upper body or midsection changed. It is great for core work and I found it to really improve my mental and emotional state, as well as improving my sleep. I loved the way I felt after class. I definitely think its a good workout but there isnt alot of cardio involved so you still need to run, walk or do some other form of  cardio  3 or 4 times a week. Pure Barre really focuses on specific muscle groups and shapes your legs and butt nicely, but it doesnt melt fat off like cardio does (IMO).
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