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one big belly

I'm a pretty big girl...5'6" at 275 pounds. I don't mind my proportions...except for one big belly. (biggest muffin top EVER) What is the best exercise to get rid of the belly fat? I've heard aerobics are my best this true? I'm so lost and I want to get healthy for my fiance. Thanks!
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Re: one big belly

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    First off, get healthy for YOURSELF. You have to come first.

    Secondly, a mixture of high intensity cardio paired with heavy weight lifting will be your best bet. I have lost almost 9" from my waist and another 8.5" from my hips by counting my calories and working out as I mentioned.
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    Try the C25K program. Google it. It can help you get into running if you're not used to is, plus I lost a lot of inches from it.
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    You probably know this, but when you start losing, you will lose all over (not just your belly).  Your diet is as important as the exercises you do so I would recommend doing something to watch what you are eating (a food diary, Spark People, The Daily Plate, Weight Watchers, etc.).  Exercise alone will not help you to lose the fat.

    I agree with the pps about the suggestions.  Even just walking should help you as long as you do it for a long enough period of time and at a brisk pace. 

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    Make this about you and no one else. If you're losing for someone or something you're going to become resentful of them.  You won't be prepared to lose the weight until you're doing it for yourself.

    That being said there is nothing that is going to make you lose weight from one part of your body. My stomach is definitely the part of me that has been slowest in shrinking. My legs look better then ever though! I think the important thing is to just work on eating well an getting in some well balanced work outs. 
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    I agree, running is probably not too good for your body right now.

    My mom recently went from eating a decent diet and no exercise to walking at least one mile per day (she drove around the neighborhood to measured the mile mark)  and dramatically changed her diet and lost almost 20 pounds in 1 month.  She had plenty of extra to lose and even such a simple change has made all the difference for her.

    Good Luck!

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