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Workout Accountability Monday

Merry Christmas Eve!!

So i'm expecting it to be a ghost town around here today as people begin to celebrate with family.  But I thought I would start this anyhow just in case people were looking to check-in!

I got some karma sent my way today:  I snuck out of work early on Friday, which means I was gone by the time the executive order was issued that closed all government offices (including the VA where I work) on Christmas eve.  So now i'm pretty much the only person in this entire hospital.  AND i had my fiance drop me off this morning so he could pick me up at the end of the day and head right to my family christmas a few hours away.  so i'm stranded here on Christmas eve until he can come back and get me!  hence why i'm trolling around on the internet looking for company!  well played universe, well played!

I had an ok weekend.   I definitely ate too many christmas cookies.  But I got a run, bike ride, and pilates in, so at least there was something.  I bought new running shoes (no more horrible blisters hopefully!), but they're Newtons which means they have to be broken in slowly.  So i'm in the process of doing that, which means just 1-2 mile runs for a while. 

But since I unexpectedly got the day off, I'm going to get a workout in where before I didn't think I'd have time.  Yay for silver linings!

Hope everyone has a great holiday or just a great day if you're not observing any particular holiday at this time!!

Re: Workout Accountability Monday

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    I'm at work for a bit then heading out after a half day.  It's technically not a holiday here but who knows if people will show up.

    On Friday I did weights and abs.  Saturday I ran 4 miles. This weekend was supposed to be a 5k race in place of a long run.  There weren't any races going on in my area so I just ran my own 5k outside on Sunday.  It was FREEZING, but the half I want to do is in February so I need to practice.  After I ran I did my bicep, squats, and abdominal workout that I typically do on Monday since I wont be able to work out tonight.  Christmas day I probably wont get a workout in but I"m hoping to hit up a track for interval runs on Wednesday if I get a chance.

    Have a wonderful holiday everyone!
  • Hey - happy holidays!

    I'm totally unaccountable these days. The flu has me knocked out. All I'm doing is sleeping. So, I'm focusing on getting better and spending time with the family. DS is here, and he's got a flu too, so we're having a low key few days. Hopefully it won't last long, and I'll be back at it in no time.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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