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Starvation Mode?

I need your help understanding the whole "starvation mode" thing. My nutritionist suggests that I eat around 1500 calories everyday, but I sometimes have trouble reaching them all.  I track my calories on Lose It and it suggests that I can really eat around 1300 if I wanted to lose 1.5lbs a week.  At what point does my body go into starvation mode? I do boot camp 3-4x a week (burning approximately 275 calories) and do either Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, zumba (350+ calories) or walk on my rest days.  Somedays though (like today) I do both Boot Camp and something else.  Can you ladies please help me understand the fine line between creating a calories deficit from working out to lose weight and starvation mode?


Re: Starvation Mode?

  • Assuming your burning 275, and eat 1500, your net would be about 1225.  Assuming you burn 350 and eat 1500, your net is around 1150.  Averaging that would keep your net intake near 1200 calories, which is the 'typically recommended' number for weight loss.
    The problem with many of the sites, like Lose It, is that it calculates solely based on your goals, not what is healthy.  It's using statistics, which ignores the fact that your body cannot survive when the calorie intake levels are too low.  I bet it would let you put in that you wanted to lose like 2.5 lbs per week and then tell you to eat 1000 calories.  Shame on it.

    Go with the nutritionist, for sure.  And maybe switch to something like MyFitnessPal, which adds more of those 'realistic' factors in.
  • get out of here wrap.
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