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Friday accountability

Good morning!  I hope everyone has a safe, fun, semi healthy holiday weekend.
b-lf yogurt
s-apple with natural peanut butter
l-grilled deer sausage with peppers
s-tomato salad
d-turkey burger, salad
e-I made my first attempt at running this morning since I broke my toe.  I only made about 1/2 mile before it started hurting.  I can't wait til I can run again.

Re: Friday accountability

  • ctappinctappin
    Finally long weekend! Plus I have my make up trial today so half day at work too!

    B - Special K protein shake, oatmeal breakfast cookie
    L - Chicken Breast & laughing cow on sandwich thin with lettuce and cucumber
    S - chocolate cherry almond luna protein bar
    D - depends on what time i get home - shore traffic is going to suck when I try to get back into jersey

    E - off day, have to run around in Philly for my make up trial

    Have a good weekend everyone!
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  • raynesraynes
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    H and I ended up going for a run last night.  We're doing a 5K on June 8th, so we figured it might be a good idea to, you know, run a few times before hand.  It was really nice!  Although I'm now more fit than him. HA!

    B: everything bagel w/ vegetable cream cheese, coffee w/ skim milk
    S: almonds and craisins
    L: TBD
    S: 0% greek yogurt w/ honey and blueberries
    D: TBD

    E: NROL4W Stage 4B Workout 2, it's a long one, and I burn a bagillion calories, so I felt a bagel for breakfast was warranted!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • so ready for the long weekend!

    b - kashi cereal, skim milk
    l - turkey on wheat, veggies
    s - apple, string cheese
    d - tbd
    s - tbd

    e - 2 mile run this morning, hopefully 30DS tonight.
  • C&S1030C&S1030

    B- eggwhite omlette with green onions, tomato, low fat cheese
    S- Fuji apple
    L- turkey burger and green beans (leftover from last night)
    S- cheese stick
    D- sushi night... yummm

    E- Day 5 of P90X.  Tonight is legs and back.
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  • I'm soooo ready for the upcoming long weekend. Food shouldn't be too bad b/c we're planning to eat all our meals at home.

    B: wheat english muffin w/ egg and lf cheese, coffee
    S: protein shake
    L: greek yogurt w/ berries, orange (slim pickings in the fridge)
    D: turkey burgers and baked sweet potato fries

    E: Arms and Shoulders, Ab Ripper

  • TGIF!!

    b-PB banana smoothie w/half a scoop protein powder (upping it to a full scoop starting on Monday)
    s-an orange
    l-plate of different things from retirement ceremony luncheon (2 jalapeno poppers, one section of a wrap, shrimp w/cocktail sauce, half a cuban pressed sandwich, half a scoop of pasta salad) and half a chocolate chip cookie
    s-if I'm hungry, I'll have some popcorn or sugar free jell-o
    d-Subway sandwich
    e- HIIT on the elliptical (20 mins) then 30 mins weight training (legs, abs & butt)
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  • B - spinach feta egg white wrap, toffee nut soy latte
    L - veggie burger, side salad with light dressing
    S - think thin mini bar
    D - TBD, possibly chickpea patties and smashed red potatoes

    E - personal trainer
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