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Help,- Stress=no sleep=no motivation=no working out.

I have not had a good night sleep in two weeks. stressing about this budget beomg (state budget). While I had an amazing weekend I just started stressing again when I get home and back to work. I have so much stuff on my mind that the energy it takes to diet and excersise is something I can't muster up. I am eating very very bad, so bad that I am seriously consider purging after my horrible lunch. I know that when I get back on the scale I'm going to be like 180- uggghhhh. Where is my motivation and will power?

Re: Help,- Stress=no sleep=no motivation=no working out.

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    Lasalle- For as long as i've been on this board you have been such an inspiration. You work out so hard and have come along so far already. When i'm at the gym and want to quit i think to myself keep going...if all those knotties are doing it so can I. I really do hope you get out of this funk soon. Feel better and get back to your p90x.  :)
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    It's helped me to make a date with a friend to take a walk...that way, I don't back out, and usually it helps me unwind as well. And forgive yourself for a few nights of vegging!
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    Try changing up your workout?  I know p90x is pretty structured, so it may help to let your mind wander while doing something less complicated.  Go for a swim, bike ride or run.  Let yourself worry a bit during the workout, but try and think of some real responses to help combat the stress.  So when you're through with the activity you'll feel better for working out and for thinking things through. Plus, I can tell you're a strong women, and that has nothing to do with weight.
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