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Anyone try/do the leslie samson walking tapes?

Have they worked for you? Someone recommended them to me so I wanted to see what some others thought too :)

Re: Anyone try/do the leslie samson walking tapes?

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    Are you talking about the Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds?" If so, I have only done them a few times, it's a nice work out that is definitely more than just walking but not difficult. My FSIL and FMIL used to do these daily and they lost a ton from doing them. There is also a girl at the gym I work out at that told me she lost 30 lbs. last year and that is what she started with and it really helped her. Good luck! :)
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    i have her 'Walk Slim: 4 Fast Miles" DVD.  my mom (who is CRAZY obsessive about fitness) gave it to me.  the dvd i have is interval training, so there's some jogging as well as walking.i agree with pp - it's not a terribly difficult workout, especially if you're already on some kind of fitness routine.  it's a fun, easier workout for the days that i need something lighter or want to get in some extra cardio.  i'm never worn out at the end, but it will get your heart rate up and you'll burn a lot of calories from it.if you're just starting out, it's a great place to start!  if you're already pretty fit, it's a good supplement to your workouts and will add a nice change of pace from time to time.
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    I used to do it when it was too hot or too cold to run outside and I didn't belong to a gym.  I agree with pp, it is not hard, but it is a great substitute on a day when you otherwise wouldn't be able to do anything, and I like Leslie, she's a lot less annoying than some DVD fitness people.
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    I love these workouts.  I have a 3 mile that is my favorite.  They aren't difficult but I always feel like I get a great workout with them. 
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