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Sorta NGISR: Skin Issues and Healing

This is less getting in shape fitness-wise and more getting in shape health-wise.I have always had problems with acne and skin and I never ever heal quickly so every bug bite or anything scars. I was supposed to go to the dermatologist yesterday but I had an emergency that kept me from going.I only have 46 days to make my skin look better, so I wanted to know what are your beauty secrets that help clear acne/get rid of bug bites and scarring?My current solutions include drinking lots of water, applying moisturizer twice daily (I have dry skin), washing face with cream-based acne wash twice daily, and I have been applying a spot blemish remover to acne and antibiotic cream to my bug bites/scars.Thanks Ladies!

Re: Sorta NGISR: Skin Issues and Healing

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    I've been using the biore skin preservation line.  Although I never had bad acne, i do get blackheads and small pimples on my nose and cheek area (close to nose).  The astringint (sp?) seems to help keep it in check.  I only use it 1x/day though cause it is somewhat drying.  Also, be careful w/ the moisturizer-- using too much can clog your pores easily.  Also, i got the mositurizer w/ spf 30 in it cause ive heard normal sunscreen will clog pores also
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    It sounds like you are definitely on the right track. Blemishes can also be triggered from stress- are you stressed out? Maybe consider adding yoga to your routine. I think that the key to great skin is hydration. And facials once every month or two :)
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    I have a regimen that was prescribed by my dermatologist, so it's mostly prescription- but it really works! I've had bad skin since my teens, and been to dermatologists for years. But this combo has worked the best!First of all, I take birth control pills, which my derm says are very important. My acne was very cyclical with my period, and the pill evens things out. When I went off them for a time, my skin was much worse.Then he prescribed a prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide face wash that I use twice a day. And recommended Aqua Glycolic astringent/toner which is non-prescription, to use twice a day.Then I alternate every other night using Retin-A cream and Duac cream.It has worked wonders. He also prescribed me Minocycline oral antibiotics, but the other stuff has worked so well, that I haven't taken them.Good luck!
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    Thanks for your help ladies. I'm on BC (have been for 7 years) and I don't have cyclical acne tied to TOM. I tried Proactive and it didn't work, and I was on minocycline when I was a teenager and it didn't work for me :-(
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    I've got the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub I use on Sundays and Thursdays.  I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Foam wash on the other days.  Then I use an organic toner that has vitamin C and other things good for your skin.  In the winter I add Oil of Olay oil free to keep moisturized.  Bug bites I just dab with hydrocortisone cream and it takes care of the itch.  GL!
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