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Morning Workout Accountability

Morning Ladies! How was your workout this morning? I have shin splints so I took the day off from running and did Weight Loss Yoga instead.
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Re: Morning Workout Accountability

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    I worked out last night.  Working through week 5 of C25k, and did 60 mins of hip hop class!  So fun!  SP calculates my calories burned at 1100!  
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    I woke up so sore this morning, after my run yesterday and kickboxing last night.  I was planning on getting 3 miles in and then running just for fun with FI's family tonight.  But it looks like now I'll run for run and then kick out those 3 miles to stay on schedule.
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    I did 30DS L2D8. I was annoyed with Jillian the whole time but then I got dressed for work and was able to fit into pants that did NOT fit me a month ago. To make it even better they are loose in the thighs. Yay! This post has helped me get up and get going in the morning. Thanks girls!
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    I did Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred.  Tonight is Level 2!
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    I think I'll join you guys for the days I run (always in the morning).This morning I was supposed to run 4 miles, and even though the first mile was not fun, I ran the whole thing.  Gearing up to run 6 on Monday (the second time I'll have run that far).  
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    Im hoping this will help keep me motiviated in the I did Wii Fit for 35 minutes. I did a mix of cardio, strength and yoga....and one balance game until I beat FI high score...
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    I couldnt workout this morning because I had to do some classwork before going to the dentist. Tonight, I plan to take the RepReebok class. So that will be my workout.
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    I did my bike ride but it was more like around noon.  I felt so much better afterwards.
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    I did a cardio sculpt this morning, and lower body weight  work out.  I want to do more cardio than weight lifting this week, because I really need to burn calories. I felt great with lots of energy today and did dreaded cold calling for work all morning which is a lot of walking.
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    I did my 3 mile run this morning even though it was still ridiculously humid...but I felt good after, and the humidity broke this afternoon and it has cooled down, so tomorrow should be infinitely more pleasant!
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