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**Heeeyy Honey**

I am curious about this first date now. what happend? Why did you guys go out again?
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    Well, its a really long story. I'll try to make it short. Our first date was on 4th of July 5 years ago! The plan for our first date was to go on some wave runners with my fi's friends and then go to fi's friends house to go swimming and then go the the fireworks. We got to his friends shop 45 min. away just to find out the wave runners weren't liscensed...I stood for hours while my fi helped his buddy fix his race car instead. After fixing the race car we went out for and 5 guys! After an interesting lunch...we went to my fi's parents house to switch cars, and then we went to his friends house for swimming. This part was ok, until my fi went in for a first kiss and I completely denied him by turning my cheek. After swimming we drove to the fireworks. We were driving my fi's smelly loud race car. I had to climb over a roll cage to get in. He parked in a nearby subdivision thinking we could walk through to the fireworks. Well, we couldn't. To top it off I was wearing platform sandals that I had never worn before and they tore up my feet like no other! So we get back in the car and drive again to the fireworks. We get there and he completely blows me off. He leaves me sitting with his best friend and goes to watch the cubs game that was on one of the tvs. Well, he eventually came back and sat with me and we enjoyed the fireworks. The ride home sucked because of traffic and the smelly car. I was getting a terrible headache from the exhaust fumes. We went back to his friends house to go swimming again and were met by some annoying neighbor kids that decided it would be fun to harass my fi for being "fat" When swimming ended, we changed cars yet again and he drove me home. We ended up sitting in front of my house at midnight talking for 4 hours. We shared our first kiss and just had a great conversation. I guess he's just lucky that he's a good kisser!We went out again because we figured it couldn't get any worse. That and he was smart and charismatic and fun to hang out with. He's just lucky that I am easy going and I like cars!! We've been together 5 he must have done something right.Sorry this was so long...there are many more little details...but it sounds better when told in person!
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