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Does anyone have this or know much about it?  I was just diagnosed with this.  My doctor told me that weight gain was a symptom and that people have a hard time losing weight.  Does anyone have any tips that have worked for them?  Right now I'm counting my calories and doing some type of cardio/workout DVD 5 times a week.  It's working for me but is going VERY slowly.  (maybe a pound every couple of weeks)  I have a lot of weight to lose and was hoping to be able to lose weight more quickly.  (1-2/wk).  TIA!


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    I have personally had great success with doing a heavy strength training program. I have not lost a lot of weight, but I have lost a lot of inches and am beginning to look more toned. I would suggest you incorporate some weight training into your program because muscle helps boost your metabolism and burn more fat.
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    If weight loss is a medical necessity for you there are pills that help with the weight gain and other symptoms. One is a water pill which I took for a while but had to discontinue due to low blood pressure. I have found that to lose weight I need reduce my calorie intake by more than that which is suggested on most websites. I have always checked with my doctor first and would not reduce calories too low without doing the same. HTH and GL
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    My sister has PCOS and when she was diagnosed they put her on a medicine that helped her lose about 10 pounds. I would ask your doctor about your options...
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    Part of why weight gain is a symptom of PCOS is because it causes dysregulation of your hormones as well as insulin resistance. With insulin resistance, your body makes enough insulin but doesn't respond to it properly - like people with type 2 diabetes. Modifying your diet to only include low-glycemic or complex carbs may help with weight control. No simple carbs such as sugar, soda, bread, pasta, etc. Limit high-sugar content fruits as well. Otherwise, sticking to a deficit of 500-1000 calories a day should keep you on the right track.If your doc finds that your glucose levels are elevated, you may end up on a diabetes medication that helps your body respond to insulin properly, and that would help with weight loss as well.GL!
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    With PCOS a low carb diet is key. My best friend has PCOS and the dietician told her the easiest way to follow the diet best for PCOS is to just do the South Beach diet.
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    I just wanted to add that there is an overlap for alot of people with PCOS, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia (or carbohydrate intolerance) and they all contribute to difficulty losing weight. There is also a small overlap with thyroid issues.  Please make sure your doc is looking at all possiblities.  I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and recently developed larger ovarian cysts which rupture on occassion. It is an unusual combo and I had to see a lot of docs to figure it all out.  For me focusing on diet and doing light work outs provides the best results. I am doing South Beach and do a light work (1/2 hour on the wii fit)  out every morning with a more intense work out a three nights a week (wii active for about 45 min). I also go for 2 mile walks on the nights i do not work out. I find that drinking lots of water, avoiding salt and sugar and eating my largest meal of the day for lunch has been giving me the best results. If I can give you any advise or help let me know. In the last 3 years I have been to well over 10 docs to figure all this out and I am happy to share what I have learned. GL
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    Future MrsF111 - I think you mean hyPERglycemia with the carb intolerance, i.e. pre-diabetes.
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    everyone has had great advice. I have PCOS with the insulin resistance, and hypothyroidism. I gained quite a bit of weight, but after coming close to ending up with full blown diabetes I took control and really started watching what I was eating. I haven't cut them out completely, but limiting carbs and sugary treats and drinks has made such a huge difference. adding more veggies and fiber to your diet is key too. I'm bad when it comes to exercise, but whatever you can do helps. I've lost 45lbs since Nov 2008, didn't get too serious though til Feb 2009, and hopefully I'll keep going.
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