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Hello ladies, how are you today? I'm in a pretty good mood and I feel energetic, I guess this is because of my healthier eating habits and working out. Have you experienced the same?B: baby-cut carrots, FF yoghurt, watermelonL: homemade salad w/balsamico dressing and chicken stripsS: bananaD: sauerkraut w/pineapple, homemade mashed potatoes, LF grilled nuremberg sausages (I hardly ever cook "traditional" German food, but FI loves it)E: swimming, riding my bike, playing DDR:)I hope everyone's gonna have a great day!

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    Im pathetically out of food (today is payday, tomorrow is shopping day), so my day is going to suck.B- english muffin w/ almond butter, ff milk protein drinkL - tomato soup, nature valley fruit & nut bar, a small (pathetically small) peach, ff yogurt, maybe some small cubes of sharp cheddar if i have enough time to cut it before workD - TBD. Probably a 6" turkey sub & the rest of the brocolli i have in the fridge. S - maybe another protein drink because I doubt ill get enough todayE- day off, though I DO have to weed the garden, which always works out my legs.
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    I always sleep so much better when I'm eating right and working out.  I got my period yesterday so I'm not feeling as motivated as usually. b-2 eggs s-grapefriut with truvia and skim milk l-peachy chicken (I can't wait to try it) s-small salad sugar free puddingd-lerftover turkey meatballs with salade-3 mile bike ride and walk/run 1 mile
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    I am feeling pretty good because it has cooled down here and is less will make my run today considerably more pleasant! B-roasted veggie frittata, light english muffin w/LF veggie CC, coffee L-not sure...something light because we are going out to dinner tonight S-banana bread D-not sure, going out...but I will make good choices! E-running 3-5 miles (we'll see how motivated I am...)
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    b-banana with 1 tbsp chunky pb s-grapes and 1 oz hm fruit dip l-2 grilled chicken tenders and 1 tbsp hm peanut sauce, small salad d-tbd e-30 mins zumba, 30 mins booty breaker (and if I feel up to it tonight, 30 mins of "the gun show" haha arms lifting class, and an hour of dance)
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    I'm feeling pretty good after turning my week around.  It's amazing how just eating well and exercising can really affect how you feel!  :)B: PB sandwich, apricotS: YogurtL: Ham & salami sandwich, appleS: Not sure yet... Quakes?D: Lasagna "roll-up" (gr. turkey, spinach, zuccini, ricotta w/sauce) and saladE: Swimming this afternoon if it's not storming, Pilates
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    Happy Friday!B: Oatmeal squares (dry), english muffin, 2 egg whites, coffeeS: Banana, tbsp. peanut butterL : 100 cal wrap with turkey, fiber plus bar, strawberriesS: cherriesD: 6 inch turkey sub on the roadE: 30DS
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    b-cherrios and non fat yogurt l-??? going to lunch with a friend but im going to be as healthy as I can s-almonds d-spinach salad e-30DS
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    TGIF! B-cheerios w/ light soy milk S-banana L-Lean Cuisine S-greek yogurt w/ blueberries D-?? I'll be in airports, maybe just a protein bar and glass of wine on the flight ;) E-30DS before work
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