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Friday resolutions

My resolutions for this week are:1.  Write down every bite of food that touches my lips and enter it all into sparkpeople on Monday, even if I end up entering 3,000 calories for Saturday!2.  Try very, very hard to stay away from FI's junk food (tortilla chips and cheeze its)What are your resolutions?

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    My resolutions are rather silly to be honest... 1) DO NOT buy berries at the market tomorrow, despite how good they look and how good they are for me. I never eat them fast enough and they always go bad so its just a waste of money 2) Buy some new lunch alternatives for next week since I am tired of eating sandwiches everyday (salad, soup ingredients, etc). 3) DO NOT feel bad about not working out today - im exhausted and im going to make myself sick if i dont take a day off, but whenever I take a day off I beat myself up over it. I will not do that! 4) Measure/weigh myself tomorrow morning, but not feel bad if I dont see the numbers I wanna see (I cheated and measured myself lastnight even though I shouldnt have - bloating, full of food).
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    I WILL NOT have ice cream this weekend. Everyone seems to encourage me to indulge in ice cream on the weekends with them but that's a major pitfall in any diet...especially mine! I WILL run as far as my little legs take me tomorrow morning and I will NOT eat over my limits in sparkpeople.I will also really enjoy the weekend no matter what! :)
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    1. I will continue forcing myself to enter what I eat into SparksPeople this weekend.2. I will not over eat or go over board with the food and drinks on Sunday at friend's 21st bday dinner.3. I will find a way to get some sort of exercise in this weekend while I'm gone.
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    I really really want to lose 10-15 pounds by my dress fitting in October and tone up, so I need to stick to these!1. No more soda!  I cut it out a while back and was fine for a month, then had one and it opened the floodgates.2. No fast food!  I don't eat much, but when I do I feel gross.3. Cardio 6x a week and strength training 4x.4. Run 6 miles on Monday.  I know it probably won't feel great the first mile, but I've gone that far before and can do it again!No more excuses!  This is my life!
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    1.  Start the C25K this weekend. 2.  Add upper body to my work outs.
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    I resolve to stick with my points and to eat all my points this week. I resolve to do 3 cardio workouts, and and upper and lower body weight workout. I resolve to work in a solid abs/core routine into my weekly workout schedule. I resolve to do cardio tomorrow morning since I didn't work out this mornng. Great luck to you all next week!
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