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How often do you weigh yourself?

I know a lot of people say that it's best to weigh yourself once a week, or once a month, at the same time and in the same clothing or lack thereof, because the daily weight fluctuations can be frustrating and can hinder weight loss.The thing is, I find that if I only weigh myself once a week, I lose less than if I'm weighing myself every day.  It's like if I don't have that daily reminder to keep myself in check, each week comes and I just kind of hope I've lost, but end up losing like, .2 at best.  If I check every day, I'll lose around 2-3 each week.  What gives?  Has anyone else experienced something similar?  What works best for you?
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Re: How often do you weigh yourself?

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    I unofficially weigh myself every time I get on the Wii and do a body test (every morning). I weigh myself on the scale once a week on Sunday mornings and use that as my "real number" i.e. the number I use to collect stars. I find that the Wii scale is motivational but I try not to pay too much attention to it and focus on the weekly weigh-ins, however, if i gain .2 or .3 a few days in a row I know that I need to adjust what I am doing so my weekly results will be better. HTH.
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    Lately for some reason I have been weighing myself at odd times, which is torture. Normally though I do it once a week, or longer. I do heavy weights and its easier for me to measure to track my progress since I currently weigh 10lbs more than last year but fit into all of the clothes i wore then. Weight is deceiving.
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    I only do it first thing in the morning and I do it every morning. It helps me stay on track, when I want to skip bootcamp I tell myself - if the scale has magically gone down a lot you can skip - i never skip. It's a good checker
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    I also weigh everyday to keep myself on track. If I gained over the weekend I eat extra extra healthy the next few days. I feel like if I only weighed once a week it could be the one day where I'm at the highest or lowest end. If you're not obsessing over the scale I think it's perfectly healthy if if keeps you on track.
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    i agree with pp - i weigh myself every morning, after i use the bathroom.  it keeps me on track, though sometimes i have to remind myself not to freak out over a .2 or .4 lb gain, or rejoice too much over a small loss.lately, since i'm working out at home instead of the gym, i've been weighing myself without clothes first, and then in my workout clothes.  thus far, i've tracked all my progress in my t-shirts and shorts, so i feel like it would be cheating to suddenly switch and just use my naked weight :)
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    I guess I'm the weirdo who weighs herself once a week.  I have too much other stuff to worry about than a 1 pound or less fluctuation, plus I stress out way too much as it is.  My weekly weigh-in gives me a good check, and it's enough to motivate me.
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    i'm going with the consensus, i weigh myself everyday so watch my progress, i feel it helps to keep my on track.
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    like someone else posted, I weigh myself every day, but only record Monday's weight. I like seeing where I'm at. I know weight fluctuates so I don't get too worked up if I go up and down during the week.
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    I try to stay away from the scale!! If I feel like I've been doing good with my workout routine and my eating habits and step on the scale, it just puts me in a bad mood!! I say go with how good you feel and ignore the number!!!
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    I also weigh myself everyday to stay on track always in the morning so it is consistant. From what I've read the reasoning for weighing your self once a week or even a month is to focus on the long tearm goal and not short term but I think whatever works for you is what you should do. If weighing yourself helps you stay focused and lose weight faster why not?
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