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I hate losing weight.

I eat very good and exercise. I gain fucking weight sorry for the language. Yes it could be muscle ahhhh.


Re: I hate losing weight.

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    Maybe your eating well isn't as good as you think...or maybe you aren't working out hard enough. If you post your typical workouts(including how long you have been working out consistently, how often, duration of each workout, and intnsity and food intake people here can help you.
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    Weight loss isnt easy - its almost like a science really. Ditto pp, what are you eating, how much of it are you eating, what kind of excersize are you doing? Maybe youre not even eating enough!
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    Me too.  I am 3 weeks into a plateau.  If feel like I'm not  making any progress whatsoever.  I'm still working through it though.  Keep it up.
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    I'm there too. Basically I've summed it up to muscle weight because I fit my smaller clothing still so it's not fat. You might want to change up the exercises if you feel it's not muscle because your body might be used to what you're doing now.
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    Take measurments!  I was so sick of seeing now change in the scale even though I have been counting calories, strength training, and doing cardio every single day.  So I decided to take measurements.  From last week to this week I lost a half inch from my waist and hips.
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    I'm actually going to create an entire post on this book, which is exactly what you need to read. Its called Master Your Metabolism and its by Jillian Michaels. Its an awesome book, and has helped me so much with figuring out how to change my eating habits to increase my metabolism, what alters chemicals in the body etc... it could answer a lot of your questions, so check it out. I had the same problem, eating well and exercising and not seeing results, now I'm averaging about 2-3 lbs per week. I picked it up at Costco for $15
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    I hate losing weight.  I actually was thinner when I was away at college in Cali.  I moved back to Chicago, and the Midwest greeted me with a 60 pound present.  I've been able to lose about 10 pounds of that, and I've been maintaining.  I'm trying to find nonboring ways of getting myself back into shape.  I do have to say that when I was away at college, I was basically starving myself and working out 6 days a week, plus I didn't have a car, and I was in a big city, so I walked everywhere.  You can't do that in the suburbs...Just keep at it because the results feel too good!
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