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dancing myself skinny?

Hey all, I'm kind of new to the board and theknot and being engaged. One of my favorite ways to exercise is to dance, and I wanted to know if you all can recommend any good exercise videos or anything like that. I'd be particularly interested in videos that are fun to dance to as well as being a good workout. Also, I had the idea to simply put on line dance songs (Electric Slide, Booty Call, Cha-cha slide, Cotton-eyed Joe) for a solid half hour or more and just shake it. Do you think that would be a good workout? (also open to line-dance song suggestions) I just know it'll be so much easier for me to stick with an exercise program if it's fun and engages my mind. But at the same time, I don't want to sacrifice good results. Thanks!

Re: dancing myself skinny?

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    This is good for variety. But I wouldn't ONLY do this. You need to add in some strength training and maybe a few other types of cardio too. You body will get used to the same thing all the time and you won't see very good results.
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    hahah that sounds like a lot of fun! I would also recommend getting some strength training in there somehow - ibuilding muscle is a great way to burn calories.Have you heard of core rythyms? I haven't actually done it but it's dance based - from some people from dancing with the stars I think....might be right up your alley!Congrats on the engagement and welcome!!
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    I did ballroom dance for a few years, and lost 15lbs (solely by this) in 6months.  Try a zumba class.  You get a cardio blast and your dancing your way skinny too.If you love dancing try ballet for strenth.  You'd be suprised how strong it makes your legs and balance.
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    Zumba also started selling their DVDs on their site. I am tempted!
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    I would personally suggest taking some ballroom classes. I do ballroom through my university and it's tons of fun. The faster dances like the cha cha, salsa, or even swing are great for getting the heart rate going and slower dances like waltz and foxtrot help me with posture and muscle control. Plus, if you are keeping proper frame it can to great things for your arms. Even better idea is to involve your FI in ballroom lessons and wow the crowd at your reception when you do the first dance. I'm going to get my FI into this and will be dancing a waltz with my papa so I have ballroom in my future. Good luck!
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    A friend of mine lost 60 pounds doing a thing called Zumba (google it) it's a latin based dance/exercise thing. She loved it so much she became certified to teach the classes. I know she started off with the DVD's at home and when she became certified she started doing classes at a dance studio in our area. Now our local YMCA offers the classes.
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