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Monday Morning Surprise

My clothes have been looser and FI has said he notices a difference but it is hard for me to tell. I have not been taking measurements which I know should but I do WI weekly (and daily on Wii fit). This weekend was not great for me food wise- dinner out on Sunday with dessert for the first time in 2 months - a few bites a chocolate felt so good and yesterday I had Qdoba for lunch and whole grain pizza (FI and I make it together) for dinner. And I did not exercise at all. Well, I bought a pair of jeans this weekend and tried them on this morning and they are a little loose. I guessed my size (one size smaller than I was a month ago) at the store and probably could have gotten one even smaller. Then I WI and I was down 1.5 so I got another star. It is really good to know that I can be a little less vigilant every so often and still get results.  Ok, thanks for listening-just wanted to share my happiness

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    That's great! Your body actually needs breaks like that once in awhile. It breaks the same old diet routine which is definitely needed every so often. Maybe you should exchange the pants for the next size down. That way you can wear them that much longer.
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    Yay for you!!!  Those stars can get really addicting!And I totally agree with Cody-Bailey.  Every once in a while, even once a week, your body needs a break.  It's actually good for your metabolism.  Every Friday night is my break.  Usually at least one friend comes over and we drink beer, eat pizza and such, and watch either TV shows or movies (right now it's Babylon 5) and I still am down at least a pound each week.  Just make sure you listen to your body and don't eat too much.  I'm amazed at how little I usually eat.  I still end up on the high end of my calorie range for the day, but I usually don't have more than 2 slices of pizza (granted it's usually 5 cheese with pepperoni) and a couple of beers.
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