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Scheduling Exercise-a little long...sorry

I know alot of people have posted about making appointments to exercise. My schedule is extremely unpredictable and other than getting up extra early it is difficult for me to get in a second workout. I try do at least half an hour every morning but because I have to be out of the house at different times everyday I cant always do that and still get a decent amount of sleep. I have finally gotten the eating thing under control with carrying around healthy snacks and making healthy choices when I am not at home or in the office but the exercise thing is killin me. btw-the things that 'pop' up for me are work related and I cannot change them. I am an attorney and often put in 12 hour days with court in multiple places throughout the day. I am currently going to sleep around 10:30 and getting up between 6 and 6:15 everyday but have to leave my house from anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 depending on the day. So my question to all of you-what do you do or how do you deal with your schedules if they are not set or at least predictable. And any ideas for sneaking in workouts during the day other than taking walks at lunch time, which I already do for about 20 mins whenever I can.

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    So in my previous job I was responsible for operations at a similar thing between employees and crisis after crisis I could never get in early enough or out late enough. With that said...if you don't make time for you and your health no one else will. So try to schedule 2 or 3 nights a week that you work out and for sure hump it on Fri/Sat/Sun.Now don't get me wrong get a healthy amount of sleep, etc...but I had a rule no blackberry in the gym. They will survive and you will be more productive and better spirited.I hope none of that sounds mean but I put on a fair amount of weight before I realized all of that. Hope it helps.
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    Thanks for the advice ladies. I cant put a treadmill in my office because of clients and space but I wish I could!! I am going to try and double up on the weekends for a few weeks and see if that gets me over this plateau I seem to have hit. I already do the pre-prep breakfast thing and FI helps out with that in the AM which is a huge help. I think I just need to suck it up and fit in a workout whatever time I get home a few nights a week. Thanks again to everyone on here for being so inspirational.
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