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I think I am getting sick

I feel like I am getting sick.  Today I have had the worst headache and stomach ache.  I still did 30 min on the treadmill and 30 min step.  I tried to do 30 day shred but felt really sick at the beginning of the third circuit so I quit.  I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can work out hard.  I go home to Texas on the 4th and I know I will slip up while I am home so I don't want to get sick and miss this weeks workouts.  =(

Re: I think I am getting sick

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    I know some docs will say that once youre sick vitamins wont really help, but I always FEEL like it will if I take some vitamin C. Make sure you get enough sleep, keep hydrated and get the nutrients you need to help your body fight it incase you are sick.
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    if you are feeling sick, don't overexert yourself.  your body needs energy to keep you healthy too!  feel healthy soon!  **sending chicken noodle soup energy your way**
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