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Does anyone know of any good sites to buy dancewear from?  I'm starting some dance classes to make working out a little more fun.  I already checked Danskin, but just wondering what else is out there.  I'm doing ballet conditioning, hip hop and lyrical.  TIA!

Re: dancewear?

  • EKob-great seeing you on here! I used to dance competitively, so I have a great site for ya! has some of the cheapest dancewear around-Danskin will rip you off, so I would check them out.  I think I still have a bunch of old leos that I would be willing to sell if they would fit you-most were worn only 2-3 times.  Ya, I had that many!! let me know what size you are and I can let you know whether they will fit :)
  • oh ya....where are you taking classes??
  • hey lady!  Glad to see another Boston knottie on here (spuccio is too).  I would def be interested in the leotards, I'm about a 6 in clothes but I have C cups so prob would go up a size for leotards.  I'm taking lessons at Donna Miceli in Lowell.  I danced for years when I was younger (before online shopping lol) at Voters in Salem, NH.  Where did you take lessons?
  • Danskin is actually sold at Wal-Mart - usually about $15 a piece.  I am sure it's not the same quality if you bought it directly from them because Wal-mart makes suppliers cut their costs/quality in order to provide low prices, but I haven't ever had a problem with any of the danskin things I have bought there.  Target also has some cute workout clothes (not specifically dance) by Champion - I am sure you could also dance in some of these things.PS - Boston Knotties are the best!
  • I also suggest  They also have great prices for dance clothes, and they have their own line that is still decent quality and nice and cheap.
  • Ok, I was a teeny little thing in high school with C/D boobs, so my leos are size L, but they may fit :) I danced at Broadway Dance Academy in Tewksbury for 13 yrs. I would LOVE to go back, but I totally wrecked my knees and ankles dancing and cheering for so long :(
  • Oh I miss my high school body lol!  I'm so excited to get back into dance.  A L might fit me, if I remember correctly they run small-ish, right? 
  • jbmadonna- what classes do you take?  Just curious what you think offers a better workout, etc.
  • Definitely second discountdancesupply.comAlso check out capezio, there's a store in Wellesley.  HAven't been in, but it might be good for actually trying things on.
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