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Fall Clothes - AW

:) I know most people wouldnt be excited about this. Its chilly where I live right now (Southern Ontario - its 13C/55F out right now) so I decided to wear one of my new fall long sleeve shirts for work today. One of the ones I bought a few weeks ago in a size smaller than I normally wear, to "grow into". It fits perfectly, and is totally adorable. I love sweaters and long sleeve shirts and am so excited I am able to wear them now (being that its cold out). I cant wait to wear the rest of my new fall stuff, especially my new fall jacket I bought a few weeks ago. Sorry, just wanted to share :)

Re: Fall Clothes - AW

  • This is so exciting! Clothes can really enhance your confidenceand make you feel great! Enjoy your new bod! :)
  • That's awesome Nebb.  FMIL went christmas shopping the other day (i know) and brought me back a new workout outfit the pants were XL.  I used to be 2XL so I tried them on and they were falling down.  I was very excited.
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    I love new work out clothes too - thats awesome!! The shirt im wearing now is a M, last winter I had similar long sleeved shirts (different pattern and neckline) from the same store in XL. It kinda makes me want to go shopping, which I know I cant do but I really wanna buy more heh.
  • Aww- it's like the first day of school!
  • Yay shopping! Good for you, I love the feeling of fitting well in new clothes...I sware, i could spend every cent of my paycheck just trying to get a new wardrobe... but then that would be too big in a few months so I'm showing some restraint...What does AW mean, I never figured that one out...
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    AW = Attention Whore. I WANT new clothes, but I think i might wait till christmas for some - I generally just ask my family for gift cards at clothing stores anyway to take advantage of boxing day deals (day after christmas is like black friday in the states) so it makes more sense just to wait.
  • I love fall/winter clothes! It's the wardrobe I feel cutest in. :)
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