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NGISR: wedding without family

Aside from my parents and brother, none of my family members will be attending my wedding in a few weeks. Most didn't give a reason. I imagine its because most of them don't really want to go. My aunts, uncles and cousins aren't particularly close, but I am surprised at how sad I am at having a wedding without family attending. It feels like nobody cares, which I know isnt true since we have friends coming, but still. Has anyone else been in this situation? Anyone have advice on how to deal with it? I know I just have to change my outlook on all of it, but I am finding it to be so hard.

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    I'm so sorry that you're in this situation.  My family is very small (I have 3 living first cousins and one aunt) to begin with.  I am going to invite all of them to the wedding, but I don't think any of them will come.  Maybe my aunt, I hope, but I'm not holding my breath.  Please realize that it's not a reflection on you, it's probably just a result of the way they view weddings.  My family does not see them as a big deal (actually several people in my family eloped).  Don't let it ruin your day, and remember that they are the ones who are missing out!
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    I posted before but I think i messed it up.  I have no good advice, but *bug hugs*  Also, you seem like the type of girl who has a lot of friends that are just like family, so try to focus on that!
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    I'm in a similar situation.  Most of my family and my fiance's family are not coming.  Some of them gave us reasons, most did not.  I've done everything I can in order to get people here since the vast majority of our family and friends are scattered throughout the country.  I got really upset when our family started to cancel, but then I realized how amazing it is that our friends will be here.  That our friends understand how important this is, and that they might be more excited about the wedding than we are.  I'm thankful that there will be people at our wedding who love us and support us, regardless of whether they are blood related.  I'm only about two months out from our wedding, and I can tell you at this point I don't think it matters if anyone shows up.  I get to marry the most amazing man I've ever met, and that beats anything else :)
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    Big hug! Just realize the people that will be there love you very much. Anyone else does it really matter why they can't show up? If they don't care enough to come you shouldn't care enough to worry about it. At least you know who really loves you and that is what wedding are about sharing in the love of the day.
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    that's cruddy.  but the ladies are right.  those who are important and love you will be there.  if it helps any, i've been to close-knit weddings--they are much more loving.  :)
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