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Runners - sore back

I did my 14 miler on Saturday and felt pretty great until the 12th mile, then I started to crash and it was really difficult to finish, but I did. It's the longest run I've completed ever, yay! I rested most of the day but I woke up yesterday with terrible back pain.  I'm sore all over, upper and lower.  I know that it running does put a lot of stress on your back, but geez, this is rough.  Any tips to get the soreness out so I can get back to running tomorrow.  Or any tips on prevention so this Saturday's 16 miler doesn't put me out of commision again?TIA!

Re: Runners - sore back

  • I would get a large heating pad and lay on it tonight to soothe some of the soreness. Also, do lots of back stretches throughout the day so that the muscles can loosen up and heal. Hope this helps, and HOLY COW way to go on running 14 miles! That's amazing!!
  • stretch your hamstrings and start with tylenol or ibuprofen, whatever you normally use. ice and then heat. I am in awe of you. I start training for the mardi gras half marathon in september. thanks for inspiration.
  • On top of what everyone else has said, my running coaches always recommended taking a bath with epsom salts. The bath in general does help some, but there is something about the salt that helps. GL!
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  • If you are sore, then running like PP said can be helpful -but if you are in actual pain, then DO NOT RUN.  You can cause serious problems by running when your body is telling you that something is wrong (I was out for an entire month because of this).  Be careful and if the pain is severe and doesn't go away in a day or 2 then go to the doctor to make sure everything is ok before returning to running.
  • Ok, so long distance running to me is 4 miles. :)  But I do have bad back pain from hauling my law books around, so here are my favorite back stretches/exercises that should help.  I practice yoga daily, so these are all from my yoga workouts.FIRST1) Lie flat on your back.  2) Squeeze your right knee up into your chest (keep you head on the ground).  3) Then place your left hand on your right knee and guide your right knee to the floor to the left side of your body (you should be twisted).  4) Lay your right arm out to the side, and look at your right hand.  Try to keep your right shoulder as close to the ground as you can without forcing it.  Take several deep slow breaths.  Repeat on the other side.SECOND- Rolling Like a Ball1) Sit up tall.  Draw your knees into your chest.2)  ALTERNATIVE A- In between your butt and your feet, cross your arms and grab the backs of your ankles with the opposite hand.  ALTERNATIVE B- Hug your knees.3) Starting with your abs, try to make your back look like the letter C, nice and rounded.  Then slowly roll back.4) Roll back and forth a few times, with control.Rolling like a ball REALLY helps (even if it seems funny).  Helps lengthen out your spine, and naturally massages it.THIRD- Rag Doll1) Stand tall, with your feet about a foot apart.  On an exhale, slowly round down your spine so you are hanging over.2) If your hamstrings are tight, bend your knees slightly.  Try to keep them as straight as you can without locking your knees.3) You can either let your arms dangle (no forcing!!) or cross your harms so that you are not quite cradling the top of your head on your forearms.  4) Relax your head down.  Relax your arms.5) Roll slightly forward on your feet so your weight is evenly balanced between the balls and heels of your feet.6) Hang out for a few deep breaths.  Make sure to keep your head and neck really relaxed.
  • Wow.  Sorry that was so long.
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