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Weekend - Good, bads, uglies

Re: Weekend - Good, bads, uglies

  • So here is mine: Good - worked out every day hard core..oh and completed week 1 for c25k Bad - ate 2 fajitas last night for dinner with FI Ugly - I was pissed didn't lose any lbs last week!! I can't believe it only my 4th week, hoping for a good one this week.
  • Good- my MOH made us run 3 miles on Friday after drinking 5 bottles of wine (btwn 4 people) at a concert Thursday night to kick off my bachelorette party. Bad- Eating the yummiest deep dish pizza for lunch on Sat.  I only had a piece and half though....along with a salad on the side. Ugly- Three straight days of heavy drinking for my bachelorette weekend.  It was worth it though!!
  • Let's see. . . Good: we went to a really yummy comfort food place on Friday, and I had a salad. Granted it was a cobb salad, but still better for me than chicken pot pie or grilled cheese.Bad: Yet another week (4th in a row!!!) with NO LOSS.Ugly: yesterday's menu included a hot dog, 1 beer, some nachos, and deep dish pizza. Sigh.
  • margaritas, sangria, wine and shopping oh my! the good news?? I didn't gain anything last week and I didn't work out once! Back on the so called wagon this week just a fwe more weeks before my fitting!
  • Good:  I finished my 16 mile run even though the last 2-3 miles were really tough.Bad:  I did not watch what I ate at all for the entire weekend.Ugly:  I didn't even care what I ate last weekend.  I decided to give myself a free pass after that run.  Yeah, it wasn't pretty....
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