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NGISR vent: FI making me mad

So my sis is coming into town to see a football game (UVA vs. William and Mary, where she went) this weekend.  My company does drawings for tickets to all the uva games, so I entered this one and won the tickets.  I emailed FI to tell him how excited I was, we could go to the game and maybe tailgate with her, etc, and he responded that an old teacher of his had offered to let him stand in the press box.  He'd rather do that than have good seats with me!  And he says "can't you just sit by yourself?"  He'd rather stand around with his teacher than sit in good (and did I mention free?) seats with me!  Sorry if I'm overreacting, but I'm really mad!  I  try to do something nice for him by winning tickets, and he wants me to go to a football game by myself.  Ug sometimes he makes me sooooo mad.ok vent over sorry!

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    bummer of a situation.  maybe your guy is job networking or something.  not taking his side, but maybe there is a reason for the action.  but think of it this way.  your sister is in town.  invite another bridesmaid/best friend to join you two at the game.  enjoy some pure good old fashioned girl time.  :)
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