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I got a bunk scale

I just found out that the cheap scale I bought is inaccurate. (go figure) This is so awesome for me cause Ive been seriously PISSED about how much I weigh. FI stepped on my scale and swore it was wrong, I put my 2 10lb weights on there and it measured 20lbs on the button so I figured it was accurate. fi's best friend came over and stepped on it and was like "theres no way I weigh this much." then, this weekend, fi went to visit his parents and stepped on their scale, there was a ten lb difference. We know theirs is accurate cause they dont buy junk crap. so today I was at the store and stepped on one of the scales there. well, I couldnt believe it, it read 169!! ten lbs less than what my scale read as well. this is so cool, its like losing 10 lbs in a day! now I have to re-adjust my goal since I now only have 19 lbs to lose. well Im gonna wait till thursday when I have a dr appointment to see for real what I weigh but man, Im so happy right now. it kinds sucks cause I have no idea how much Ive lost all summer. Im just gonna put my starting weight at what it was the last time I got weighed at the drs a year ago which was 175, but I know I gained quite a bit of weight after that before I started working out this summer

Re: I got a bunk scale

  • I'm confused... So the scale read 20 pounds when you put 20 pounds of weights on it, right? That's generally how you calibrate a scale. You still know how much you've lost in pounds and how your pants fit, etc. It's just a number in the scale, it doesn't really mean anything, it just gives you a way to measure where you are and which way you're heading.
  • its messed up for sure. 3 different scales have consistantly read 10lbs less than what mine reads. its accurate at 20lbs but i think it messes up when it gets to larger readings. well Ill know for sure when I go to the Dr on thursday what my real weight is. I mean yeah, its just a number but it changes my goal cause I know what I look like when I weigh 150 and thats where I wanna be, approximately. having to lose 20lbs before april is a lot less dire than having to lose 30.
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