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Wedding night hotel

Can anyone give me some ideas for wedding night hotels?  We may stay the next night also depending on how things go with finances.  We are doing a small honeymoon.

I googled some but its way overwhelming. 

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  • Well, where is your wedding going to be?
  • Ha! I did forget to add that.  I am sorry.

    Its actually in my home town which is about 20 minutes south of Dallas.  I checked on the Omni Hotel in Dallas.. its booked solid.  Wedding is June 9th.
  • Hotel Zaza, the W, Stoneleigh, Hotel Belmont are a few boutique hotels that come to mind. 
  • We stayed at Hotel St. Germaine the night of our wedding.  It is a tiny little B&B off Routh in Uptown, and it was FABULOUS.  I think it was around $229/night and that included a bottle of champagne, a fruit and cheese spread, and breakfast in the morning.  We are probably going to try to go back for anniversaries and other special occasions.

    As for small honeymoon, H and I went to Fredericksburg for right around $1000 (maybe ended up around $1500, I'm not sure).  We stayed at the Cotton Gin Lodge -- private cabins, breakfast delivered each day (pastries and granola, nothing fancy), and we really never saw another human being unless we wanted to!  It might be a little busier in the summer, but I totally recommend it.



  • We stayed at the NYLO in Las Colinas, but that may be a little further than you care to go. Love the suggestions of the other posts as well!
  • Thanks for the suggestions!! 

  • Which Omni?  There's three in the area.  The new one, yeah, it'll be booked up. Park West is nice, but a bit more of a corperarte setting.  Still, the suites are nice.  We're staying at the Mandalay, which might not be booked up if you call now.

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  • We just booked the Belmont this weekend! Granted, we got a sweet deal, since we are getting married on FI's birthday, and they do 50% off all rooms on birthday nights.
    So we got a $200/night suite for $100.
    Plus we are going to have brunch with our families downstairs the next morning.
  • We stayed at hotel Aloft in Las Colinas and it was pretty cool. We also stayed at the Joule on Main St. before we were married and it was extremely nice. We had one of the best meals ever at the Charlie Palmer restaurant and their cantelevered pool up on the top floor was really cool.
  • Ooh, one of my good friends had her reception at the Joule and actually rented out the pool area for guests to relax and have drinks.  It was so neat!



  • We did the Melrose Warwick. It was very nice.

    Consider doing Priceline...I've been able to get 4 star hotels consistently for 50% off. Also, check out TravelZoo and other deals. They have a lot of some of the swanky Dallas hotels.
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