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Fri Workout Accountability

What did you do for a workout yesterday?

Re: Fri Workout Accountability

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    35 minutes of all of the moves I could remember from NMTZ.  I knew that I wouldn't get home in time to do the video and just ran the day before, so I figured that I would do 15 reps (hopefully that meant ~30 sec) of each move, twice.  I tried to keep all of the shoulder moves together, bicep moves together, etc.  It ended up being a pretty good workout!
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    I did a mixture of lower and upper body weights, push ups and a variety of ab exercises and then 30min of high intensity cardio. Today, im just doing 30min of cardio in prep for the beating ill be getting tomrorow.
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    I did a 30 min jog on treadmill and level 1 of 30DS.
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    I did 30DS and a 25 min walk/hike
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    Nothing yesterday :[  FI and I went to meet a friend for a short happy hour, and ended up staying way longer than anticipated and didn't get home until almost 10.  And then we had a fight, so any plans of a late work out went out the window.  BOO.
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    Took a day off yesterday. Had planned to run 3-5 miles, but my legs were still feeling pretty beat up from last weekend's race, so I gave 'em a break.
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