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VENT stupid apartment gym

ARJKJKLDJFKLD! My apartment complex's gym doesn't open UNTIL 10 FUKKIN AM! How the FUKK am I supposed to workout in the AM before school when classes begin!?!?!?!? I pay for the service that I don't freakin get to use so now I am going to have to go find a cheap gym so I can go at 7 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rant over =)
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Re: VENT stupid apartment gym

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    That sucks! Is there something you can do at home in the morning? Run, DVD? Can you get out of the gym contract?
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    does your school have a gym that you can hit up??  As a student, I can use the gym on campus for free, so I normally hit that up.  I found a gym by my house that allows me to pay month to month without signing a contract, so I do that between semesters and in the summer.
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    Umm that is beyond ridiculous.  Can you ask them to open it sooner?  Honestly, there is no reason it should ever be closed.  They disclaim all liability for injuries that occur in the gym in your lease, so leaving it open 24/7 is pretty common.  It can't hurt to ask right?  
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    I may have to ask. My classes are from 8:30 AM until it's time to go to work so it is sucky. There is no gym on campus since I go to a technical college. The use of the apartment gym is bundled into my rent so I can't just ask for them to discount my rent unfortunately.
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    Maybe you can ask them for special permission to use the gym at 7am; like pp said, they disclaim any liability anyway, so it's not like it would be a big deal for them to let you in, even if they don't want to just keep it open in general at that time.  *shrug*  It doesn't hurt to ask, anyway!  I'm annoyed at my building's gym too, because of the 6 treadmills, *4* have stopped working, randomly, in the last week.  So now there are only 2, side by side, and it's impossible to get one unless you are magically at the gym when no one else is.  But it's ridiculously common now for a line to form, which sucks SO hard.
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