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Awful day vent

My day started at 7am when I my friend called me in tears and I needed to go and be with her. I then ate 2 cinnamon scrolls for breakfast, maccas for lunch, fish and chips for dinner and then more maccas for after work. I also didn't exercise. I feel like a whale. I think my problem was a bad, late breakfast. I was just craving bad foods all day. I'm going extra hard at the gym tomorrow in the hopes of making a difference.Just needed to vent.

Re: Awful day vent

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    Its ok to have a bad day occassionally, don't let it get you down. It did not take you one day to gain the weight and it surely won't take you one day to take it off. Look at that ticker! You already lost 5 lbs and thats a great accomplishment. Start fresh today, get your tooshy to the gym, and it will be ok. Also, what are maccas?
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    McDonald's is called Maccas in many countries.
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