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Getting in Shape

Please Help-Having a Hard Time!

I'm attempting WW, and when I get home from work around 5p.m. I snack until dinner time and then snack while I am doing my homework . ... the points add up SO fast and to SO much. I do GREAT all throughout the day, very healthy, but then when I get home, bam I lose it ... It gets me so frustrated, and so disappointed that sometimes I'm like oh forget it, and I won't write it down and then I'll start over again the next day. The snacks I'm eating aren't necessarily junk food - its just I eat too many points worth. (Examples: Hummus and Veggie Chips, Grapes, Granola Bar, Popcorn, etc.) What makes it difficult too, is I am a severe hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) so I have to eat snacks sooo much throughout the day - and I feel like its not fair that I have to eat so frequently and it just racks up my points while some people can eat an apple as a snack in-between meals and that does nothing for me. (BTW, I do have an appt with a Dietician in a few weeks) But, any advice for a struggling girl here? Oh, and I do go to the gym at night, but only about 45 minutes and according to my slider (which is probably old) it equals only about 3 points, so it doesn't really help to balance out much. TIA Girls!!

Re: Please Help-Having a Hard Time!

  • I don't know too much about WW, but I think someone told me once that vegetables are 0 points?  So why don't you try to replace SOME of your snacks with veggies?  Like, instead of veggie chips with your hummus, eat veggies with your hummus [yum!].  And have a few grapes, and replace half of what you'd normally have with veggies.  I understand that you have low blood sugar, so you'll have to keep some snacks in there with sugar so you stabilize throughout the day, I'm just saying replace half of your snack with veggies, so you're not racking up the points as quickly.  Of course, if I'm wrong about the 0 points thing, ignore me completely!
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  • I think seeing what your dietician says is your best bet. WW works for many people but may not be the best plan for you? You are trying and that's the important thing. and going to the gym is great! ditto pp about replacing veggies with some of the snacks. celery has lots of fiber! with a little peanut butter??? yum!what kind of popcorn are you eating? try one of those 100 cal. smart pop ones? those are filling...HTH!
  • My suggestion would be that when you are eating the snacks, concentrate on that. Try not to eat a snack while doing something else. For example, when you get home, pull out one serving of a snack and eat it before you do anything else. Also, try to take a quick study break when you have a snack during homework. I think that if you are focused on just eating, it will be easier to stop and get back to another activity. I also agree with PP about trying to eat more 0 point snacks if you can get away with it while maintaining a safe sugar level. Also, I think my sister was hypoglycemic and had some kind of sugar pill she could take - does that sound right? I wonder if you could take one of those with your 0 point snack to get filled but also maintain a safe sugar level.
  • Thanks for the great ideas. I agree with Lindsay's post that in the evening, the snacking is probably boredom or habit and not necissarily hunger. And its usually while I am doing something (e-mails, hw, theknot, lol) so I should probably try to stop that... habits take a while to break :( But thanks again girls! :)
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