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Ugh Ceremony planning stress- any help appreciated

I'm kind of lost and confused right now. Any help appreciated! I now have my pastor's outline and realized that I don't know everything I thought I needed to have picked out. He has suggested I need a song before opening prayer and during the lighting of the unity candle. I don't have anything for this and I've been googling and now I just have a headache. Can I use a reading during the unity candle instead? Does anyone have any suggestions of one? Or a suggestion for a song before opening prayer or during unity candle? Stress headache has me hopeless right now. Thanks for any help.

Re: Ugh Ceremony planning stress- any help appreciated

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    Honestly I would say if you don't care much about those pieces of music just ask your DJ to pick something out for you.  If you felt strongly or there were other pieces o music you really wanted but hadnt found somewhere to use them then fine but if not dont stress about it.  I have been to many weddings where the unity candle is lit with just organ or background music.

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    crash2729crash2729 member
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I've even been to a wedding where there was nothing during the unity candle lighting. 

    ETA: When I say, I wouldn't worry about it I mean I wouldn't stress over it. 
    Ditto BL, see if your DJ has suggestions

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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    We didn't play anything during the unity candle.  Honestly, it's over so quickly.  And no one wants to sit there for 2:46 minutes watching you make goo-goo eyes at each other.

    I think a reading would be lovely though -- that is a wonderful idea.

    As for before opening prayer--I'm not sure where that falls exactly.  I think it would be better if one thing just flowed to the next--you walk down, you're given away, and then the pastor opens in prayer.  No need to stop down for a short song.  JMO.
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    Do you go to the church regularly?  FI and I poked through a hymnal the other day to pick our communion hymn.  We made a list of songs we loved and picked the one we thought would work best for our wedding.

    As for unity candle, I totally agree with Stephie.  It makes me crazy when couples do a unity candle (which lasts two seconds) and then just sit around while a song finishes. 



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    LoverBean27LoverBean27 member
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    I agree with the girls about a short unity candle and a song playing while you stand there.

    We are doing communion and a unity candle at the same time, so we are playing a song since it will last a little longer than just lighting. We just picked a song that was significant to us and the commitment we are making.

    As far as song before opening prayer... We aren't doing one. I've never been to a wedding that did
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