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Ladies....Please Help! (PIP)

Yesterday I went to the bridal shop and tried on my dress with my jewelry and hair piece. Needless to say I am not very happy with the over all look and have started to stress out. I am really, really in love with the "vintage inspired" look. In addition, I LOVE the chunky pearl necklaces. This is not the look I currently have. Below are the pictures from yesterday. The hair piece I am going to attach a bit of birdcage material to it. Also, the beading on my dress is mostly crystals and rhinestones with a little bit of pearls. Lastly, are pictures of the two necklaces I LOVE...Please, give my your honest opinions and let me know if you think these necklaces will "match" my dress? Thank you in advance for all of your help!






Re: Ladies....Please Help! (PIP)

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    I'm also doing a vintage inspired wedding and I'd had 'vintage" on the brain for months now. 

    I think if you add either the netting to the hair piece like you want or even a feather to the flower (I see your colors of bleu, grey and yellow so a feather in one of those colors) with your hair in more a chignon that would look good.

    I think both would look good but I think the 1st one has more to it with the flower adding a bit of vintage inspired feel to it but also it gives you something to draw the eye.
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    I love the first necklace that you pip'd. Very pretty and has that vintage look, hard to tell tho if they will match your dress exactly with the colors of the pearls and dress. 
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    I agree with Madison and plus I LOVE the first necklace with the flower.  Plus I think the flower in the necklace and the flower in  your hair keep it consistant and helps to tie everything together.
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    Love the first necklace!
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    I agree with pp.  I love the first necklace! I think Madison is right to add something to the hair piece to make it more vintage feeling.

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    Thank you ladies! The first pic is also my favorite. I just wasn't sure if it would look good with the dress. I am going to contact the Etsy seller and see if she can do the necklace in bright white pearls. Thanks you all for your advice!!!

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